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When employees at your company have questions about payroll, benefits, policies, or anything HR-related, do they know who to ask? Can they find answers quickly?

Many are left to battle a big call center infrastructure, wondering if they’ll ever find the right person to answer their question. Making matters worse, employees often circumvent the call center process, end up asking the wrong person for help, then receive an incorrect answer. It’s confusing when they can’t access answers or don’t know where to go. Such confusion deteriorates the employee experience.

Taking steps to improve your employees’ experience will have a domino effect. Improving the employee experience increases engagement, and engagement drives retention. The more engaged and committed your employees are, the better your customers’ experience will be. However, engagement can quickly drop if employees cannot access the correct information.

There’s a very simple way to improve engagement without disrupting core HR processes. It all centers around the way in which employees find answers to their questions.

How do I add a dependent to my medical plan?

One of my employees needs help with short-term disability. What do I do?  

How do I transfer an employee who wants to move?

Where do we get safety training?

More urgently—I witnessed a policy violation. Who should I contact?

These inquiries can be easily answered and don’t warrant a help ticket. But most companies don’t have the right infrastructure to handle these questions, so tickets get lost and employees sit around waiting.

A simple way to improve engagement is EVAN360. It’s designed to improve the employee experience by serving as a central problem-solving hub through which all inquiries can be routed. An employee can ask, “How do I transfer an employee?” and get an answer from the right team member in minutes.

Employees are no longer in the dark, because EVAN360 is the answer to “Who do I ask for help? Where do I go?”

Want to learn more about connecting your employees to the right help right away? Contact us at



Ready to make EVAN360 your company’s hub for immediate problem-solving? Explore the solution here.

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