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Technology’s constant evolution is influencing how IT departments operate. CIOs and IT leaders need to approach the future of technology with caution. We’re not talking about CIOs at large technology companies—we’re talking about all the other companies out there. IT departments outside of the tech industry are being forced to cut costs and completely outsource IT. There are two drivers behind the outsourcing. First, business unit leaders and department heads are becoming more tech savvy and don’t need an IT guy to tell them what technology is best. Second, IT departments have failed to differentiate themselves with outstanding customer support. Many think, if we’re getting mediocre support from IT, we might as well outsource.

CIOs and IT leaders must find a way to differentiate themselves among the IT outsourcing firms to keep their positions secure. How? By providing outstanding IT support to the organization using on-demand support technologies. In other words, when someone needs help with an IT issue, be it their laptop, PLC, or ERP system, IT should provide a direct and immediate connection to the expert who can help them. This means eliminating the burdensome workflows involved with making an IT support request.

We analyzed support data in ticketing systems at numerous organizations and found that 90% of the IT support requests were resolved in 30 minutes or less once the right IT team member was able to connect with the individual needing assistance. However, the amount of time people had to wait before finally connecting with the right person took several hours or days.

CIOs and IT leaders must adopt technology that enables this immediate support connection.

The EVAN360 app is a support tool that allows IT departments to create a custom support environment for business users. In a matter of a few clicks, a person needing assistance is immediately connected with an expert who can solve their issue. It equips leadership to differentiate themselves among IT alternatives, like outsourcing.

 “We introduced EVAN360 in the organization as an IT support solution. Our business users loved it so much, we expanded its use for HR, engineering, and quality assurance support.” —CIO at a chemical company

“EVAN360 put the human touch back into the support and knowledge sharing experience.” —Director of Communications at a global energy company

Using EVAN360, companies have been able to reduce help desk support costs and improve the business IT experience. CIOs and IT leaders are providing outstanding service and earning a seat at the executive table.



Want to learn more about EVAN360? See how it works here.

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