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When purchasing or updating computer hardware for your business, you will often have to make what seem like simple choices. Laptop or desktop? One or two monitors? Simple enough. How about Windows 10 Basic or Windows 10 Pro? Not so simple.

Though you might not consider your needs to be “pro,” the more costly version of Windows 10 includes the following security and feature improvements that make it an EVAN recommended upgrade.

  1. Remote Desktop Connection – This is Microsoft’s built-in app that allows you to remotely pilot a Windows computer like you’re sitting in front of it. Windows 10 Basic includes this app to connect, but only Pro versions can be controlled.
  2. Windows Update Control – Windows Updates are not always applied when and how you’d like, but Pro users are given far more control of this process. Read more about your options and our recommendations here.
  3. Improved Windows DefenderEVAN already recommends Windows Defender as the best virus and malware protection for most people, but its features improve in Windows 10 Pro. Most notably, it protects your system from itself in Microsoft’s new “sandbox” mode.
  4. BitLocker – This is Microsoft’s name for the robust encryption software available to Windows 10 Pro users. It encrypts your PC’s main hard drive or USB drives that contain sensitive data, making them virtually inaccessible to anyone without the correct password or recovery keys.

We are happy to provider further guidance if you are considering an upgrade. Microsoft also provides full details of the differences between versions of Windows 10 on their website.


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