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Automation doesn’t always equal efficiency. What matters is where and how you implement automated processes within your organization. When it comes to support, automation isn’t always a good thing.

Put yourself in your employees’ or customers’ shoes. If you need help, you want an answer fast, right? You don’t want to walk through a multi-step process to get there. That means you need a human-to-human connection right away. Ideal support is fast, accurate, simple, and accessible.

Inference Solutions published a study in June 2020 in which they surveyed IT leaders in a variety of industries. The survey reports the top three automation solutions organizations plan to invest in as result of COVID:

  • Employee IT help desk
  • Web chatbots for customer service
  • In-app chatbot messaging for customer service.

These solutions are costly and they don’t solve the problems many organizations face with their existing support solutions.

No one really wants to be assigned a help ticket. Or be directed to help center articles when they know the solution isn’t there. Or deal with a chatbot when they have a specific problem AI can’t solve. The best employee or customer support comes from a human.

Starmind conducted an eye-opening study in early 2020. Among those surveyed, here are some key findings:

  • 61% of employees can’t easily find the information and answers they need to do their jobs effectively
  • Employees spend one working month every year searching for information
  • Over half of employees have left a job due to not having access to the knowledge they need to work effectively
  • 90% of employees want more opportunities to share knowledge
  • 83% feel happier at work when they are sharing knowledge and helping others
  • 80% would trust a colleague more than an AI generated/automated response

If you have a platform that allows employees in need of help to connect with employees who have the right answers, it’s a huge win.

If you truly want to improve the employee experience and customer loyalty, you need a tool like EVAN360 that will allow people to connect to the right support expert in minutes (human help without the wait).

Barriers to a New Support Solution

With IT solutions, companies are often concerned about cost, ease of adoption, and customization (tools that allow them to create a fit-for-purpose environment without hiring an outside developer). EVAN360 can put those concerns at ease.

A typical help desk implementation could cost between $10,000 and $75,000 for implementation alone. With EVAN360, implementation is free because it’s easy and fast. EVAN360 costs $10 or less per employee. We also provide easy expansion into other corporate support areas without the added cost. The tool is customizable so you can make changes to suit business needs without outside programmers.

EVAN360 is truly the only tool of its kind. If you’re looking to revolutionize your support process, you’re in the right place.



Want to learn more about EVAN360? See how it works here.

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