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Most enterprise support management (ESM) solutions have features that capture and record notes and screenshots during service calls. However, it is difficult to capture everything accomplished in a help session as it happens. Things get lost and help desk personnel move on to the next ticket without a second thought.

Believe it or not, your company’s support solution is a large component of employee engagement and the overall employee experience. Employees who repeatedly trek through the ticketing labyrinth will become disengaged and less productive. They can’t do their job when they’re waiting for someone to get around to their ticket. Does your company offer the right tools to help employees thrive, or are you floating along with the status quo?

Our leading ESM solution, EVAN360 is incorporating the recording of help session activities beyond voice interaction. Full session audio and video recordings help companies track actual clicks, steps, and conversations, leaving nothing out. Managers gain detailed insight into the support process so they can ensure the employee experience is the best it can be and support resources are providing the right level of support.

Imagine this technology at work. Suppose an employee has trouble connecting their Outlook account to their Salesforce CRM. Through EVAN360, they grant remote access to an MS365 expert who integrates Outlook and Salesforce properly. Once the help session ends, the employee and department heads have access to an audio and video recording of the session that the employee can rewatch if the problem arises again, and managers can review for accurate insight into the support process. Additionally, the employee can show the recording to other team members so they can connect Outlook to Salesforce without having to contact IT or open an entirely new ticket.

EVAN360 records all sessions, no matter the length. Quality assurance is crucial, and it’s easy to manage when complete session recordings are at your disposal.



Ready to make EVAN360 your company’s hub for immediate problem-solving? Explore the solution here.

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