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Mary Critelli and Todd Boutte of EVAN, the world’s first on-demand IT support platform that allows for outsourcing quickly, and can be accessed immediately and on a subscription basis joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mary Critelli and Todd Boutte discuss the following:

  1. Tell us how EVAN came to be? From my understanding it’s a story we can all relate to.
  2. So let’s say I’m leading a business — small or medium — and I have some technology issues. How does EVAN work? Share how the platform works.
  3. EVAN’s platform — it’s my understanding — is not just a few IT support issues though. Your team solves all sorts of problems, and lots of preventative measures. What kind of services you provide for businesses?
  4. Cybersecurity has become a bigger concern, more than ever. Recently, EVAN released a cybersecurity handbook. Free, correct?
  5. Explain why the handbook is unique. What are you hoping businesses can learn from your cybersecurity handbook? Any key takeaways?

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