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Modern Business Innovation with Carla Johnson


This episode of the Small Business Edge Podcast, sponsored by Oracle SMB, features Carla Johnson, Chief Experience Officer at Type A Communications

There is no question about it. Innovation is a must in this highly digitized and disrupted generation. As a business entity, you either innovate and stand out or you get left behind. So how do you as a business leader, drive a culture of innovation towards a successful transformation? First off, you have to realize that an open and receptive environment in the workplace has to be created in order to encourage innovative thinking. Next, you have to make your customers as the primary source of your ideas for innovation. Accordingly, those employees who come in close contact with your customers have to be good listeners to these lead ideas. In this Small Business Edge Podcast episode, learn how you can turn on the wheels of innovation from within.

Carla Johnson is the Chief Experience Officer at Type A Communications, working with clients and companies that need external strategic support in bridging the gap between technical-engineering and sales-marketing. Carla is also a keynote speaker, world-recognized storyteller, and prolific author. She has authored 7 books, and her latest one entitled “Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing” is a benchmark of the new marketing era. She has been named as one of the Top 50 Women in Marketing and teaches the world about game-changing innovation. Finally, Carla is a member of the SMB Experts, a panel comprised of today’s top SMB thought leaders and sponsored by Oracle.

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