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Sales organizations face tight competition in nearly every market—SaaS solutions, productivity apps, manufacturing equipment, electronic devices, healthcare, financial services, packaged goods. A constant stream of innovation leaves companies fighting to stand out in saturated markets.

No matter the industry, to win against the competition, sales teams must be responsive, nimble, and have the right information to answer customer questions in matter of seconds. The problem is, most sales teams don’t have that. Most get stuck waiting for sales support to answer time-sensitive requests for new product information, pricing, technical support, approvals, etc. (basically anything a customer might need to know).

Instead of working and giving customers the info they need to make quick, informed decisions, your people are forced to wait. Everything comes to a halt until support becomes available, which could be hours (maybe days). This period of idleness results in the loss of time, money, productivity, and even customers.

A Barrier Without the Tools to Fix It

The lack of instant access to support at a moment’s notice is one of the largest operational barriers sales organizations face. Until recently, no tool existed that offered instant connection to the right support in the moment. Sales organizations just had to accept the fact that support would be slow and time would be lost. It was just part of the job.

The scary thing is, most sales organizations will always just accept the fact that support is slow. As new technology comes along and support becomes significantly more effective, some organizations are going to fall behind. The companies that have the tools to eliminate wasted time, lost revenue, and delays will outperform those caught up in old processes. Organizations that offer the right support at a moment’s notice will have a massive advantage in the marketplace.

Did You Know You Might be Losing Revenue?

For every minute your sales team spends waiting, you’re losing a minute’s worth of revenue. Think about it this way…

A survey conducted by Trenegy found that the average employee spends an average of 3 hours per week waiting for answers from others inside the organization or solving problems that could easily be solved if they only knew who to ask.

With that in mind, suppose a salesperson has a $3M sales quota with a 10% commission. If they’re working the average 2,000 hours per year, every hour of their time is worth $1,500/hour in revenue for the company and $150/hour for themselves.

Basically, the 3 hours of waiting each week equates to $200,000 in lost revenue. That’s $20M per year for a 100-person salesforce. That’s 7% of yearly revenue down the drain.

That’s not the only way you’re losing money.

On top of lost productivity among employees, sub-par support could be turning customers away. According to several studies, customer acquisition and retention hinges on excellent customer service.

93% of people are likely to be repeat customers at companies with excellent customer service. (HubSpot Research)

78% of customers have backed out of a purchase because of a poor customer experience. (American Express)

89% of companies with significantly above average customer experiences perform better financially than their competitors. (Qualtrics XM)

To put it simply, delayed support causes lost revenue because your team can’t be fully productive and customers can’t get the right answers at the right time. Some organizations are losing millions.

Here’s Where You Can Find Instant Support

As we said earlier, until recently, no tool existed that offered instant connection to the right support in the moment. Even the latest and greatest technology still comes with surprisingly cumbersome delays.

We noticed that sales teams need tools that minimize or eliminate delays, which is what EVAN360 is for.

For the first time, you’ll actually be able to connect with who you need to connect with right then and there. With EVAN360, you’ll get the right people every time.

You won’t have to wonder who to ask or even how to ask. EVAN360 takes care of it all.

In the long run, the level of support you offer truly affects every aspect of your organization. Poor support leads to employee downtime, lost revenue, frustrated customers, and operational delays. Instant support means happier and more loyal customers, more productive teams, increased revenue, and way less frustration.

If you’re interested in learning how EVAN360 can increase your sales team’s productivity and help you win against the competition, email us at or get started for free today.

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