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One of the most challenging aspects of providing the right support at the right time is making sure the requester is connected to the right expert with the right skills. When an employee needs help with a particular issue, such as benefits, they need answers from the right person. Many departments in large organizations have set up ways to receive support. Maybe the HR department has an employee portal with a benefits hotline. The IT department might have a ticketing system and help desk to respond to requests. Engineering might use a Slack channel to address field engineering issues. Maybe Accounts Payable has an email inbox set up for payment requests to vendors.

In addition to the complexity of managing individual, different platforms for support, connecting to the right expert with the right skills is a manual process. The HR portal requires the user to find the right question on the right page to ask on the portal, causing the employee to be frustrated. The IT help desk must triage issues, and forwarding tickets to the right person causes delayed responses.

One critical missing piece of the puzzle in all these support solutions is the matching of available experts to the right skills. A solution that allows organizations to segment skills in categories or groupings and assign the skills to the right people can automate the requester/expert matching process. Gone is the need to triage issues through ticketing solutions or leave employees guessing when sending a problem through a portal.

EVAN360 has the built-in capability to maintain a matrix of skills and skill categories and assign them to a network of experts—both internal and external. Benefits administrators can be assigned specific skills for benefits questions. Human Resources can redirect new-hire questions to the appropriate expert so everyone can happily do their job. Field engineering questions can be picked up by the right person so equipment issues can be solved with minimal downtime. These are only a few examples. EVAN360 is a comprehensive solution designed to make any department in any organization more efficient and effective.



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