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Traditional ticketing systems are among the most lamented in large organizations. They’ve grown to be unwieldy burdens that add to the problems they’re designed to solve.


  1. Rework – Tiered help desk solutions aren’t designed to solve problems upon first contact.
  2. Delays – It can take a long time to get connected to the right person who’s qualified to help.
  3. Errors – Issues are usually routed to the wrong individual due lack of communication.
  4. Complications – Ticketing systems are not user friendly and have overcomplicated business rules.
  5. Avoidance – People will eventually do all they can to go around the ticket system to get help, including calling outside the company.
  6. Impersonal Communication – Ticketing systems don’t provide a personal touch and automated response systems are prone to misroute issues.

The traditional solution is far from ideal.

Our Experience

The three founders of EVAN360 have worked for 14 different Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and large private organizations. The traditional ticketing support has been an issue for employees everywhere.

The founders’ recent consulting work with other large companies exposed more problems than ever with the adoption of new technologies. They visited with several CIOs on this subject. Each had more current open tickets than employees. The backlog is unmanageable.

The complicated mess of issues, business rules, and frustration kills productivity for everyone.

A Better Way

What if there was a way for employees to access the right person to solve issues immediately? Maybe an accountant needs to tweak a report in the ERP before a board meeting. Someone in marketing might need to update their last name in the HR system after getting married. Maybe a field engineer is having trouble entering a customer sales order, or maybe there’s simply no toilet paper in the restroom.

A central hub could be ubiquitous for problem-solving. Imagine employees connecting to each other or outside help in a fast, efficient, simple way. Imagine a knowledge base that solves repeated issues while tracking performance, response time, and quality, ensuring employees are at peak productivity and happy, too.

Well, we stopped imagining and made it happen. The result? EVAN360.

The Answer to Your Ticketing System Woes

EVAN360 is a revolutionary platform that helps organizations solve problems fast. We designed the platform to be an internal support solution for larger companies, allowing them to share a common infrastructure while maintaining a secure environment to fit business needs.

Urgent or pervasive problems are no longer lost in help desk ticketing systems. Employees no longer have to wait on hold or be rerouted from person to person. Companies can use EVAN360 to immediately connect anyone in the company with the appropriate support personnel to solve issues the right way the first time. Support personnel can include internal staff, existing contractors, and our EVAN360 Master Certified Professionals.

Say goodbye to the dreaded ticketing system experience and unproductive downtime. EVAN360 gets you back to work fast so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

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