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Ticketing systems and help lines have a pretty lousy reputation. Most people dread contacting support. They anticipate frustration and delays, knowing if they could just talk to an actual person for 5 minutes, their problem could be solved. Instead, they’re stuck waiting for an unjustifiable amount of time. When customers have to wait, it makes the company look bad. When employees have to wait, it diminishes the employee experience.

What if you could change the narrative?

Ticketing systems benefit neither user nor expert. Tickets build up, problems go unsolved, and the backlog never seems to end. Digging through help center articles or an extensive knowledge base is time consuming, and usually these things never answer the questions that require person-to-person communication. Chatbots work fine until someone has a question that AI simply isn’t intelligent enough to answer. Then the question is, who do I ask next? Support shouldn’t be this complicated.

It’s 2020 and companies are still using the same lamented ticketing models from the 2000s. Can we finally do something about it? We think so.

For years, people have had ideas of what a support solution should be or how ticketing could be improved. We’ve taken all of the “should be’s” and “I wish’s” and turned them into one of the simplest platforms you’ll ever use.

A Better, Unconventional Approach

A lot of people have ideas about how to improve ticketing systems by simply replacing them with shinier, more modern ticketing systems. Clearly, it hasn’t worked. Ticketing systems aren’t set up to be people-focused platforms. Users know they’re just a number waiting in a queue. Businesses are wise to ticketing systems, tiered support, and help lines. They know how it all works.

We propose doing away with ticketing altogether. You might think that’s impractical or impossible, but here’s a secret: ticketing is not the only way. Even if you’ve had a ticketing system at your company for decades, you don’t have to be stuck with that.

Here at EVAN360, we knew tweaking an existing system wouldn’t do much good. Companies would need something different and better. So we decided to reinvent the entire support experience. If we were dreaming of an instant, on-demand, human-powered support process, surely others were too. Enter EVAN360.

EVAN360 is one of the simplest platforms you’ll ever use. Log in, select a help category, describe your issue, and hit submit. You’ll connect to the right human expert on the spot. With immediate connection to another person, you can wave goodbye to wait times, uncertainty, downtime, and frustration.

EVAN360 provides the support experience you’ve been wishing for. After all, it’s about time.

Want to see for yourself? Schedule a demo here or watch how it works here.



Want to learn more about EVAN360? See how it works here.

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