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Digital platforms are rapidly changing the way we perform our simplest day-to-day tasks. They remedy common inefficiencies and provide us with solutions we never knew we needed.

Consider the transition from memos to email to Slack, which simplifies team communication. Filing cabinets became hard drives which became cloud-based applications like Dropbox, making file storage more manageable. These platforms are shaping company culture and establishing new norms for conducting business. Team members are more efficient and effective than ever. In fact, such platforms have the power to revolutionize entire industries with a positive impact on the way we do business.

The world of IT support is undergoing an equally large transformation. IT support requests used to entail making a call, waiting on hold until IT support is paged, and listening to elevator music while you wait for an indefinite amount of time.

Moving to a ticketing system has made support requests a bit more tolerable, but only because end users are spared the elevator music. Unfortunately, end users are at the mercy of IT support personnel who pick and choose which tickets to work. Priority often goes to higher ups or the most urgent requests, leaving many employees underutilized until their computers are up and running again.

Bringing IT support in-house has been a popular alternative, but it’s expensive and internal IT personnel have limited knowledge. It’s also common for CIOs to be burdened by day-to-day IT problems and left with little time to do their actual job. Their time is best spent focusing on overarching IT strategies and initiatives to propel the business—not fixing employee’s computers.

The Solution? EVAN

EVAN is an on-demand IT support platform for growing businesses that has eliminated the need for help tickets and expensive IT consultants. EVAN enables real-time, affordable IT support with qualified professionals whose priority is to help you get back to business fast. The days of waiting and wasted work hours are history.

Say Goodbye to Help Tickets & In-house Support

With EVAN, you’ll never be put on hold or assigned a help ticket. You’ll receive immediate help the minute you need it. Here’s how it works:

A user requests help and is matched with a qualified IT Pro, usually in less than 30 seconds. The IT Pro will diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action. Depending on the issue, our IT Pros are able to talk over the phone, video chat, and/or screen share with the customer to solve the problem directly. Throughout the session, the IT Pro will walk the customer through their process, explaining what they are doing the entire time. A recording of the session is saved for quality assurance.

Our IT Pros are highly trained and eager to support customers. They have extensive IT-related knowledge and experience. We strive to match our customers with Pros who are well-equipped to solve their specific problem. The best part? EVAN IT Pros solve problems in an average of 33 minutes.

EVAN’s Unique Approach

EVAN’s priority is to support your business and help you focus on what you do best by providing reliable, immediate IT support. From one group of business owners to another, we know you don’t have time to waste addressing day-to-day IT problems or waiting for help. So we’ve changed the standard of service you can expect from “wait until someone can get to you” to “let me help you now.” Now, you and your team can be freed up to run your business and do what you do best.

EVAN is more than just a great source of technology information; we have Master Certified Professionals waiting to meet your IT needs right now.

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