Client Situation

The IT Manager of Eurecat, an international chemical company, wanted his team to focus on a high-value ERP implementation. However, they were continuously distracted with solving customer support issues with their legacy systems. This began to negatively impact the ERP implementation timeline.

EVAN360’s Response

EVAN360’s technology team worked with Eurecat’s IT Manager to customize the EVAN360 platform to fit the needs of their company. The platform was tailored to show the appropriate company-related help categories and route issues to the correct personal. Issues with the new ERP system were routed to the ERP team, and legacy infrastructure issues were routed to EVAN360 Master Certified Professionals. The platform was deployed within the company intranet and all employees received training and access credentials.


All employees now have a simple, universal place to request IT support. Requests are routed on-demand to an EVAN360 Master Certified Professional, an internal team member, or an existing external contractor. The IT Manager is now free to spend more time focusing on larger company objectives while still providing excellent IT service to his colleagues.

“Integrating EVAN360 into our support workflow was easy and immediately helpful. It was quickly customized to our company’s needs and now serves as the primary interface for making all technology support requests at Eurecat. This has helped me better track the types of requests coming in and focus on our larger IT objectives.”

—Michael Stegall, IT Manager/ERP Project Manager