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Sometime early next month, Microsoft will be releasing the next major update to Windows 10 in accordance with its new semi-annual schedule. This release will have some interesting new features and improvements to search, security, and the file explorer (read about all these changes here), but for this article, we are focusing on what you can do for your business and employees to make these releases less likely to break your workflow.

The prior two major updates to Windows 10 came with some ups and some downs but ultimately make Windows 10 a better product. However, because of the potential issues caused by each release, EVAN recommends that your business defer installing them while the remaining bugs are squashed.

How should my business handle these releases?

Microsoft provides a very helpful setting that will automatically delay major releases without preventing your computer’s weekly security and device driver updates. To access this setting:

  1. Click the  button and type “Windows Update”
  2. Select 
  3. Choose the blue “Advanced options” link
  4. Select a “Choose when updates are installed” option:
      1. Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) – Only recommended for small offices with modern hardware. See below.
      2. Semi-Annual Channel – Recommended for larger businesses and consumers that have no immediate need for the improved features. This will automatically delay these feature updates for about three months.

If you select “Targeted” above, we recommend setting the delay option to 30 days. This will still give you Window’s newest features soon without most of the issues that are typically discovered immediately after major update releases.

Again, these changes will not prevent you from receiving weekly security and device driver updates.

These setting changes will give you the most stable and feature-complete version of Windows 10. Best of all, you only need to change them once to receive this benefit every time a new major update is released.

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