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A recent survey of more than 30 large organizations reveals that employees spend an average of 3 hours per week solving work-related issues that could easily be solved if they had access to the proper support.

Management consulting firm Trenegy Incorporated conducted the study across a variety of industries, including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, distribution, and professional services. They asked, “On an average week, how much time do you spend trying solve work-related problems or seek answers that could be quickly addressed by someone else in your company if you just knew who to contact?” Respondents ranged from new employees to executive leadership and everything in between.

Work-related issues were widespread, including problems with new technology or software upgrades, HR and benefit questions, company policy questions, field support for technical problems, and issues with facilities.

The Results

As mentioned above, employees spend an average of three hours per week solving work-related issues that could easily be solved internally if employees only knew who to ask.

This means a typical 1,000-employee organization wastes $6MM a year on inefficient problem-solving. That’s a big deal.

The study also revealed a significant correlation between the number of years of employment and the amount of time spent troubleshooting. Employees at the company for less than five years spent up to 15 hours per week troubleshooting, while the more tenured employees spent around one hour.

They also found the larger the organization, the more pervasive the problem. Organizations with the most employees reported the highest percentage of time spent trying to find the right support expert. Many employees give up and simply hope they can find a satisfactory solution on their own.

Traditional means of problem-solving either results in 1) wasted hours trying to troubleshoot something alone, or 2) the problem being passed around the organization like a hot potato. Kara McCracken, Trenegy analyst, explains, “Most large organizations offer too many options for finding support, including emails, self-service portals, IT help desks, ticketing systems, and phone numbers. Making matters worse, these solutions are over-engineered and rarely provide a rapid response.”

Lindsey Ligon, Trenegy analyst, adds, “As the number of millennials entering the workforce increases, the need for better problem-solving tools becomes more important.”

Traditional enterprise service management (ESM) solutions have failed to truly address hours wasted on problem-solving. These ESM solutions rarely connect an employee to the right person the first time. Response time is often measured in days or weeks, and automated AI and self-service portals don’t work.

Revolutionizing the Traditional ESM Solution

EVAN360 has developed a revolutionary ESM solution that allows organizations to instantly connect employees and customers with qualified support to solve problems the right way the first time.

EVAN360 can be used internally by IT or HR support organizations to immediately connect all employees with the right people to address requests or issues. EVAN360 can also be used externally to immediately connect customers with the right support personnel to address any customer inquiry. EVAN360 prevents urgent or pervasive problems from getting lost in email inboxes, abandoned chat sessions, and help desk ticketing systems. Instead, organizations use the EVAN360 solution to provide amazing customer and employee support.

If you’re tired of wasted time, schedule an EVAN360 demo, here.


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