Your Company’s Hub for Immediate Problem Solving

About EVAN360

EVAN360 is a revolutionary platform for leaders of support organizations to manage unplanned demand. The platform is designed to be an internal technical support solution for larger companies, allowing companies to share a common infrastructure while maintaining a secure environment to fit their business needs.

How It Works

EVAN360 replaces the need for unreliable help desk personnel and traditional ticketing solutions. Now, companies can use EVAN360 to immediately connect anyone in the company with the appropriate support personnel to solve issues the right way the first time. Support personnel can include internal staff, existing contractors, and our EVAN Master Certified Professionals.

  • Step 1
    Set up a network of experts who can provide support.
  • Submit a request through your company’s EVAN360 portal.
  • Experts qualified to help with the specific issue are notified immediately.
  • An available expert connects with you in minutes via phone, chat, and/or screen share.
  • The help session begins and the problem is solved.
  • Rate your session, choose to save the expert as a favorite, and get back to business.

EVAN360 is Flexible and Customizable