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Microsoft Office | Word | Excel | PowerPoint


Don’t let unfamiliarity with Excel or PowerPoint slow down your business. Whether you’re a just a beginner or already an expert, EVAN can help.

Apple | HP | Lenovo | Microsoft | Dell


From supporting day-to-day PC issues to evaluating cyber-threats to getting your network up and running, EVAN can help.

WordPress | Wix | Google | SEO


Are you constantly fighting with your WordPress plugins? Need help migrating away from an unhelpful web host? How do you manage your domain? EVAN can help.

Quickbooks | SAP | Oracle | NetSuite


As your business grows, so does the complexity of your accounting. EVAN can help select the right product for your business, migrate your data, or build meaningful reports.

Linksys | HP | Cisco | Netgear


Constantly let down by the support offered by device manufacturers? EVAN can help save you the trouble of replacing printers and other frustrating hardware.

Gartner | Forrester | Fortune


Growing a business is tough. EVAN can be a partner in your growth by providing guidance on emerging technologies, moving to the cloud, upgrading hardware, or improving security.

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EVAN’s solutions are designed to fit the size and needs of your organization.



Best for 1 - 4 Users

$60 each 30 minutes

24/7 access to qualified pros

Instant response and no hold time

No commitment or contract required


Starting at $100/month

Best for 5 - 50 Users

No additional charges per use

Company administration tools

Unlimited access to your account manager

Custom assigned Master Certified Professionals


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Jeffrey Karcz

“EVAN was a savior to GAEA Energy Advisors. After spending several days attempting to fix a problem, I was introduced to EVAN. I visited their website, submitted a service request, and within five minutes EVAN called me to discuss the issue.

EVAN was able to diagnose and implement a strategy for our network to function as desired. This was done without having to purchase any new equipment or subscribing to other services. They accomplished this in a timely manner and the customer service was something I have never experienced before. Our company has now subscribed to EVAN’s monthly service. Any IT issue GAEA has, I will be contacting EVAN. They saved us money and time.”

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