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About EVAN360

EVAN360 is a revolutionary platform to manage unplanned and fluctuating IT demand. The platform is designed to serve as the internal technical support solution for companies of any size, allowing them to share a common infrastructure while maintaining a secure environment to fit their business needs.

How It Works

EVAN360 prevents urgent or pervasive problems from getting lost in help desk ticketing systems. Now, companies can use EVAN360 to immediately connect anyone in the company with an EVAN360 Master Certified Professionals to solve issues the right way the first time.

  • Submit a request through EVAN360's simple to use portal.
  • Experts qualified to help with your specific issue are notified immediately.
  • An available expert connects with you in minutes via phone, chat, and/or screen share.
  • The help session begins and the problem is solved.
  • Rate your session, choose to save the expert as a favorite, and get back to business.

How EVAN360 can help

Microsoft Office | Word | Excel | PowerPoint


Don’t let unfamiliarity with Excel or PowerPoint slow down your business. Whether you’re a just a beginner or already an expert, EVAN360 can help.

Apple | HP | Lenovo | Microsoft | Dell


From supporting day-to-day PC issues to evaluating cyber-threats to getting your network up and running, EVAN360 can help.

WordPress | Wix | Google | SEO


Are you constantly fighting with your WordPress plugins? Need help migrating away from an unhelpful web host? How do you manage your domain? EVAN360 can help.

Quickbooks | SAP | Oracle | NetSuite


As your business grows, so does the complexity of your accounting. EVAN360 can help select the right product for your business, migrate your data, or build meaningful reports.

Linksys | HP | Cisco | Netgear


Constantly let down by the support offered by device manufacturers? EVAN360 can help save you the trouble of replacing printers and other frustrating hardware.

Gartner | Forrester | Fortune


Growing a business is tough. EVAN360 can be a partner in your growth by providing guidance on emerging technologies, moving to the cloud, upgrading hardware, or improving security.

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Why waste time and money?

EVAN360 is designed to fit the size and needs of your organization.



Best for 1 - 4 Users

$60 each 30 minutes

24/7 access to qualified pros

Instant response and no hold time

No commitment or contract required


Starting at $100/month

Best for 5 - 50 Users

No additional charges per use

Company administration tools

Unlimited access to your account manager

Custom assigned Master Certified Professionals


See what others are saying

Mary Ella Testa

“EVAN has made the IT support process for our remote locations simple and fast. Our people in the field are excited to get a hold of a real person immediately so they can get back to work quickly.”

Mary Ella Testa

Tracy Macha

“We expected that moving our company documents to the cloud was going to be a time-consuming and confusing endeavor, but working with EVAN greatly simplified the process. We now confidently collaborate and share online documents while receiving additional assistance from EVAN on an on-demand basis.”

Tracy Macha

Sue Kenfield

“I recently had a major computer meltdown and immediately called EVAN. They helped me troubleshoot a failed hard drive and replace the drive with a new one, something I never imagined I could do. EVAN went above and beyond helping me get the new drive loaded with the software I needed and import the backup files I had. While I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone, I would highly recommend EVAN when you need help with a computer issue.”

Sue Kenfield

Michael Stegall

“Integrating EVAN into our support workflow was easy and immediately helpful. It was quickly customized to our company’s needs and now serves as the primary interface for making all technology support requests at Eurecat US.

This has helped me better track the types of requests coming in and focus on our larger IT objectives.”

Michael Stegall

Jeffrey Karcz

“EVAN was a savior to GAEA Energy Advisors. After spending several days attempting to fix a problem, I was introduced to EVAN. I visited their website, submitted a service request, and within five minutes EVAN called me to discuss the issue.

EVAN was able to diagnose and implement a strategy for our network to function as desired. This was done without having to purchase any new equipment or subscribing to other services. They accomplished this in a timely manner and the customer service was something I have never experienced before. Our company has now subscribed to EVAN’s monthly service. Any IT issue GAEA has, I will be contacting EVAN. They saved us money and time.”

Jeffrey Karcz

Elena Wilken

“Our internet had been down for 24 hours, and as a three-person office, we didn’t have much to try except turning everything off and back on again. Our standard IT help was unavailable.

With EVAN, I received a call within 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes, we had diagnosed and solved the problem. As an added bonus, I now understand my system better. Having gone through three IT companies that each grew too big for us, I am delighted to have found a service that fits our needs. The new quote around the office is, “Well, EVAN can do it cheaper and quicker!”

Elena Wilken

Kim Monson

“My IT Pro was so friendly and patient as he worked through my computer problem, and he fixed my issue quickly—it was wonderful! Now I feel a sense of comfort knowing that whenever I have another IT issue, I can go to EVAN to get help instantly.”

Kim Monson
Entrepreneur, Small business owner, and co-host of Americhicks Radio Show

Cathy Hilton

“Our employees can watch their laptop as it’s being fixed. EVAN is much safer than dropping off the laptops to a bunch of strangers at the computer store.”

Cathy Hilton
VP of Finance and Administration, Trenegy

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