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There’s no understating our reliance on computers for day-to-day tasks and critical data storage in 2017. However, a recent Harris Interactive Poll reports that only 64% of computer owners back up their data more often than once per year!

Many people find the prospect of data backup to be intimidating, so we want to highlight two cloud-based, easy to use, set-and-forget options that can be deployed in a home or small business: Dropbox and OneDrive.

Dropbox offers a variety of home or business pricing tiers along with their free options. If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, Microsoft OneDrive is likely to be included in your subscription with enough storage for multiple home or business accounts.

Both services offer distinct benefits over physical backups and local storage:

  • Physical location and redundancy – These files cannot be lost due to damage or theft of your home or workplace computer.
  • File history – You have access to up to 30 days of file history to recover prior versions or deleted copies of documents.
  • Automatic synchronization – All the files stored in these accounts are available to all of your devices and on the web, synchronized in real time.
  • Easy file-sharing – Family, friends, and co-workers can be given access to shared folders or links to single files without additional software.
  • Operating system integration – Each service acts like a traditional folder on your computer and can be configured to take the place of each user account folder created by Windows (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc.).

At EVAN Your IT Guy we configure each of our employee accounts this way to ensure there’s no loss of data or productivity if a computer is lost or damaged. It also allows for a seamless transition among computers by providing commonly used files in the places they’re expected, even our cluttered desktops. Windows Central provides a helpful tutorial for this process if you’re inclined to try it yourself.

As always, EVAN is here to help configure a cloud storage solution that meets the needs of your small business or home office.

EVAN is more than just a great source of technology information; we have Master Certified Professionals waiting to meet your IT needs right now.

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