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EVAN Disrupts Traditional IT Support Model Through Connecting Customers with Specialists for Simple, Secure On-Demand Solutions

Company implements new platform features for faster specialist connections to solve time-sensitive IT issues and stronger comprehensive system management for ongoing IT health.

AUSTIN, TX – (BUSINESS WIRE) – EVAN® connects customers with friendly IT professionals to provide immediate, real-time IT expertise that is secure, transparent, and reliable. Master Certified Professionals are available 24/7 and can help with everything from cybersecurity guidance to new laptop configuration, ensuring customers solve their IT challenges anywhere, anytime. Signing up with EVAN is also free, and customers only pay for the services they use.

Today, EVAN announced in addition to its current offerings, the platform now includes functionalities allowing for even faster connections to professionals, tools to help users analyze their overall IT health, and a fresh design for easy, user-friendly navigation.

“Time is money for businesses, whether you are a sole proprietor, small business owner, or freelancer, and immediate access to IT assistance is paramount for all,” says Co-Founder William Aimone. “EVAN was founded on the belief that IT support should be fast and easy. Our customers work stress-free knowing if anything goes wrong with their computers or any device, the solution is a simple call or click away.”

The updated platform allows users to log in using LinkedIn, G Suite, or Microsoft credentials, with multiple methods of initiating contact with a professional, including a live chat function and simple submission guidelines for quick engagement. Further UX/UI improvements include access to a company dashboard, which outlines the number of sessions completed, detailed session history, and a list of employees who utilized the service. This function enables those funneling IT requests to download a usage report for a comprehensive company IT health summary. From a design standpoint, the platform features an updated color palette and a fresh look and feel for easy navigation.

“Over time, we noticed areas of the platform where we could create more efficiencies for our customers, and we are excited to see those come to life,” added Aimone. “EVAN helps various types of customers to resolve IT challenges on the spot. Whether you are a realtor facing printer issues ahead of showing important listings, a business owner battling ecommerce integration malfunctions, or an office manager trying to set up laptops for new employees, our professionals are here to give immediate assistance and provide tools to prevent future challenges.”

Returning users can now also access their request history to find their preferred Master Certified Professional and “favorite” them for streamlined communications in the future. Each professional requires a combination of external certifications, rigorous background checks, screening, and testing to achieve “Master Certification” so our customers receive the highest quality support.

“My pro was so friendly and patient as he worked through my computer problem, and he fixed my issue quickly – it was wonderful!” said Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner, Kim Monson. “Now I feel a sense of comfort knowing that whenever I have another IT issue I can go to EVAN to get help instantly.”

On average, EVAN resolves customer requests in 22 minutes with zero hold time. The most common IT issues resolved relate to the following:

  • Computer Performance: identifying slowdowns, recommending fixes and upgrades, and removing bad software like viruses.
  • Advanced Office Issues: providing guidance and education on workplace systems like Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  • Networking: resolving issues with wireless and wired network storage, printing, and security.

As part of the update and the company’s commitment to protecting customers’ financial and personal information, EVAN partnered with financial security leader, Stripe, to manage payment verification and fraud detection. Virtual Emily, a high-end technology and specialized consulting Virtual Assistant experience is also a new company partner. EVAN partnership benefits include discounted rates and exclusive deals, a referral incentive program, and content collaboration opportunities.

 Learn more about EVAN services for you and/or your business at, and ongoing IT industry updates on the blog at

 About EVAN

EVAN provides immediate IT support for growing businesses through a hassle-free platform and app that connects your team to a select network of friendly Master Certified IT Professionals. As your IT partner, EVAN helps you manage your ongoing IT health and can solve most technical problems in under 30 minutes with practical, expert advice. We believe IT support should not be time-consuming, frustrating, and buried in technical jargon. EVAN is reliable and always available, but you only pay for what you use – it’s a new way to deliver IT. Learn more at and on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Amanda Hodge
INK Communications Co.

EVAN is more than just a great source of technology information; we have Master Certified Professionals waiting to meet your IT needs right now.

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