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Cybercriminals continue to build more sophisticated tools to scam money out of unwitting end-users. Criminals can purchase “malware-made-to-go” for less than $2 on the dark web. Nation-states are using AI to attack corporate networks. The FBI estimates that more than one million new, unique pieces of malware are created daily.

Many companies rely on well-known antivirus software products to protect cyber assets. Unfortunately, these products rely on a database of known threats to provide protection, but the database isn’t updated fast enough. They fall short on protecting against the volume of daily attacks.

Windows 10 Defender already allows companies to take advantage of Microsoft’s AI and machine learning protection. The default settings for Defender allows for downloads to update the software throughout the day. However, with a little technical know-how, companies can take advantage of AI-powered real-time protection. Here’s how to make sure that this setting is enabled in Windows 10 Pro:

  1. Click the Windows icon and type GPEDIT
  2. Launch the Edit Control Policy tool
  3. Click Computer Configuration
  4. Click Administrative Templates
  5. Click Windows Components
  6. Click Windows Defender Antivirus
  7. Click Security Intelligence Updates
  8. Click “Allow real-time definition updates based on reports to Microsoft MAPS”
  9. Select the button next to “Enabled”
  10. Click OK
  11. Click “Allow notifications to disable definitions based on reports to Microsoft MAPS”
  12. Select the button next to “Enabled”
  13. Click on OK
  14. Reboot the computer

The computer now has real-time AI and machine learning protection when connected to the internet.

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