The World’s First IT Support Platform & The Launch Of A New Cybersecurity Handbook

Mary Critelli and Todd Boutte of EVAN, the world’s first on-demand IT support platform that allows for outsourcing quickly, and can be accessed immediately and on a subscription basis joins Enterprise Radio. Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mary Critelli and Todd Boutte discuss the following: Tell us how EVAN came to be? From […]

Making Finance and IT Strategic

Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell recognize that companies who give Finance and IT a seat at the table during strategic operational discussions perform better. Tactical business issues are proactively resolved and new solutions are identified to plug gaps and increase efficiency. In this episode, you’ll learn how to involve these groups more so they can […]

All You Really Need to Know About AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation

If you’re a technology expert, this episode isn’t for you. The purpose of this episode (along with others) is to simplify consulting terms and phrases so organization leaders understand how technology trends apply to their business. In this episode, we simplify and explain the following with practical business applications in mind: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine […]

The Power of Journey Mapping

You’ve heard of process mapping, but what about journey mapping? Peter Purcell and Bill Aimone discuss journey mapping and how it differs from process mapping. They also go over best practices to consider when creating journey maps for a product or service.

Jar(gone)—Common Sense Outsourcing

Peter Purcell and Bill Aimone dive into outsourcing—what functions can be outsourced, when outsourcing makes sense, when it doesn’t, and how to tell whether it’s an effective strategy for your business. We also talk about offshoring and how it’s different from outsourcing.

Marketing School – Episode 814 Ugly Is the New Sexy: What You Can Learn From Southwest Airlines

Ugly Is the New Sexy: What You Can Learn From Southwest Airlines | Ep. #814 In episode #814, Eric and Neil discuss what you could learn from Southwest Airlines. Tune in to hear which tactics you should rip from this company.

The Small Business Edge Podcast – Modern Business Innovation with Carla Johnson

Modern Business Innovation with Carla Johnson   This episode of the Small Business Edge Podcast, sponsored by Oracle SMB, features Carla Johnson, Chief Experience Officer at Type A Communications There is no question about it. Innovation is a must in this highly digitized and disrupted generation. As a business entity, you either innovate and stand out or you get left […]

The Small Business Radio Show – #503 How to Find and Retain the Right People to Grow Your Team   Segment 1: Tom Walker is the president and CEO of Rev1 Ventures. He has been helping entrepreneurs build great companies for most of his career. He’s formed multiple venture capital funds, founded angel groups, and is an active angel investor. As the CEO of Rev1 Ventures, Tom has built an experienced team that has invested […]

Entrepreneurs on Fire – 2048 with Alex Banayan

Alex is the author of the new business book The Third Door, which chronicles his five-year quest tracking down Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Warren Buffett, Maya Angelou, Steven Spielberg, and dozens more of the world’s most successful people to uncover how they broke through and launched their careers.

NPR’s How I Built This – Black Entertainment Television: Robert Johnson

In 1979, Robert Johnson was a lobbyist for the burgeoning cable industry. That’s when he got an idea for a channel called Black Entertainment Television. He started small, just a few hours of programming a week. But by the 1990s BET had become a cultural touchstone. In 2001, he sold BET to Viacom for $2.3 […]

NPR’s How I Built This – LinkedIn: Reid Hoffman

In the early 1990s, Reid Hoffman had a vision for the future of the Internet: people would connect through social networks using their real names, and their online lives would be completely merged with their real ones. After several early attempts, he co-founded LinkedIn – a social network focused on jobs and careers. In 2016, […]

NPR’s How I Built This – Dell Computers: Michael Dell

Before it became fashionable to start a tech company in your dorm room, Michael Dell did exactly that. In 1983, he began selling upgrade kits for PC’s out of his dorm at UT Austin. A few months later he gave up his plan of being Pre-Med, and dropped out of school to focus on the […]


What’s all the buzz around blockchain? If you aren’t considering blockchain, you’re losing ground and not optimizing revenue… right?  Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell discuss the facts and myths about blockchain and how it can impact your business.

4 Myths About IT Support Services

Is your company’s IT support slowing you down? Do you feel stuck or trapped with your current provider? Bill Aimone, co-founder and managing director of Trenegy, shares four myths most companies believe about IT support services.

NPR’s How I Built This – Rod Canion

In 1981, engineer Rod Canion left Texas Instruments and co-founded Compaq, which created the first IBM-compatible personal computer. This opened the door to an entire industry of PCs that could run the same software.

Cybersecurity Reality Check

Traditional corporate methods for preventing cyberattacks (hacking, phishing, ransomware, etc.) are not working and corporations are spending millions. Leading companies are taking a different approach toward threat prevention by focusing on the people side of the equation.  IT strategist Peter Purcell shares how corporations are taking proactive measures toward successfully preventing cyberattacks by focusing on […]

Get IT Right—Inaugural Episode

You can’t run a business without information technology (IT), yet most business owners maintain a traditional approach to IT because they don’t know their options. Businesses have an opportunity to recapture lost revenue and improve productivity by getting IT right. Small business owner and IT strategist Peter Purcell shares how small and medium-sized business owners […]