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Traditional company trainings have changed throughout the past year as previously in-person sessions are now online. Remote onboarding, software tutorials, equipment how-to’s, and customer trainings via Zoom lack the level of personal connection that grows when colleagues are in the same room. Zoom trainings are typically more efficient and to the point because they aren’t conducive to chit-chat and catching up with coworkers. Unfortunately, they’re less effective. Here’s why:

Why Online Trainings Are Less Effective

It has everything to do with answering trainees’ questions. If you’re in an online training class, it’s harder to pull the leader aside for questions or clarification. There’s no break time to walk up front for a quick 5-minute chat. Sure, you might have a 10-minute window for a Q&A at the end of the training session. But most people don’t want to ask questions in front of others, especially those of a personal or client-specific nature. Additionally, many questions won’t come up until after the training is over.

Instead of an inbox or voicemail full of follow-up questions, there’s a better way to supplement trainings to maximize effectiveness.

The Best Way to Address Post-training Questions

Imagine if you could have 5 minutes for a one-on-one with a training expert. You could ask all your questions at once without interruption and get answers on the spot. That’s exactly what organizations are getting with EVAN360. You don’t need to comb through content bases, help centers, or instructional videos. That’s a waste of time when you have a platform that allows you to get problems solved in minutes from a human expert.

EVAN360 equips companies to build a robust remote training program so employees and customers are set up for success.

When new hires come on board, they usually ask what training they will receive to properly do their job. The faster you can answer follow-up questions, the more engaged and productive new hires will be.

If you’re training customers how to use your software platform, they’re going to benefit from immediate answers to pressing questions. If you can deliver on-demand support, they’ll have a better customer experience.

For companies that provide remote training and education, EVAN360 is the best supplement. It’s the tool that will produce the highest value for trainer and trainee, making the learning process more efficient and effective.



Want to learn more about EVAN360? See how it works here.

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