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With all the change this year has brought, companies have had to react quickly and make important decisions in a short amount of time. Leaders are figuring out ways to ensure their employees are taken care of and how to maintain operations in the current climate. It’s not easy and many people are running out of creative ways to strengthen their remote teams. If that’s you, here’s what our customers have done: started with support.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the employee experience, save some money, and tighten up operations, here’s why we recommend starting with support, particularly from EVAN360:

It’s a quick win. If you need to make some changes fast, you’ll want to start with things that make a fast impact and are easy to implement. Today’s technology is usually simple and pretty intuitive. Web and app-based platforms are easier to implement and deploy across an organization and require very little training.

It benefits everyone. Consider the implications of a tool that benefits everyone vs. a tool that benefits a few. Every employee needs support, so a lot of people are going to notice positive changes from a better support process. It’s also easier to champion new technology throughout a company when there are more voices to create buy-in.

It helps you identify problem areas. If you can gain accurate insight into support requests, you’ll notice trends. If people are constantly asking benefits-related questions, maybe your benefits/HR process needs to be examined more closely. Same for health and safety-related issues. This is where your next improvement opportunity lies, and when you know where the gaps are, you can begin to make changes accordingly. 

It reduces costs. If you can improve your support model the right way, you can actually reduce costs, often quite significantly. Outsourcing, help desks, and ticketing systems come at a high price. EVAN360 is 1/5 of the cost of most traditional help desk support solutions, and our customers are saving thousands of dollars per month without sacrificing service. 

It improves the employee experience. We believe employees deserve support that’s fast and easily-accessible. Waiting for an email or call back only slows productivity and complicates things. Help desk ticketing systems aren’t designed to be people-focused platforms, but EVAN360 is. So the question is, if you could improve the employee experience by giving your team better support, why wouldn’t you?

If you’re reevaluating your support solution, feel free to reach out to our team anytime at We’re happy to answer questions and work with you to find a support solution that works.

Want to see for yourself? Schedule a demo here or watch how it works here.



Want to learn more about EVAN360? See how it works here.

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