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Outside of the weekly patches released each Tuesday, Microsoft releases larger feature updates to Windows 10 twice a year, every spring and fall. Microsoft announced the spring 2018 update will be available April 30 with manual installation options, followed by widespread availability on May 8.

What’s new?

Unlike the “Fall Creators Update” of 2017, not much has changed. CNET has a more comprehensive list, but the two items that stand out to us are:

  • Password recovery for local accounts – Users can now answer security questions to unlock their accounts. This is great news for employees who often forget their passwords and business owners concerned about network security.
  • Diagnostic data viewers – Even if you aren’t an IT nerd, this feature is worth keeping an eye on. It more easily lets you see what data is being collected about your PC, what is being sent to Microsoft, and, most importantly, lets you delete it!

How should my business handle this release?

As we have noted in the past, these feature updates have serious potential to cause problems, so we highly recommend delaying their installation for at least 10 days. To avoid automatic updates, EVAN recommends you configure your Windows Update settings to best fit your office environment prior to May 8.

  1. Click and type “Windows Update”
  2. Select
  3. Select a “Choose when updates are installed” option:
    • Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) – Only recommended for small offices with modern hardware (see #4)
    • Semi-Annual Channel – Recommended for larger businesses and any with no immediate need for the improved features. This will automatically delay these feature updates for about three months.
  4. If you select “Targeted” above, we recommend setting the delay option to 10 days. This will still provide Window’s newest features quickly while avoiding the issues that are typically discovered immediately after major update releases.

These changes will not prevent you from receiving weekly security and device driver updates.

Please contact us if you need any further explanation or assistance configuring these settings.

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