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Most software solutions are built to perform a very specific set of functions and expected to work for any company. It’s like replicating the same blueprint for every home buyer in the country. A two-bed, one-bath house with no A/C is great for an individual on the West Coast. But not for a family of six trying to beat the Texas heat.

Every company is unique, and software rarely meets every need as-is. This is where things get complicated.

The Complications of Software Customization

Companies almost always need changes or customizations to make software work for them. This involves hiring a trained software engineer to write new code specific to the platform. It’s an expensive, structured process you can’t just figure out on your own.

Consider your CRM. It houses your customers, leads, and accounts. But there are probably capabilities you wish it had that it doesn’t—functions that would make your job easier. Same with software like SAP and ServiceNow. You need an expert to change anything. There are entire firms who have trained consultants who focus solely on coding for SAP and ServiceNow.

Customization means coding, retesting, and re-implementing a solution that’s already been implemented before. When that’s said and done, companies often discover the changes aren’t exactly what they wanted, so it’s back to the drawing board.

Enough with the Complications

Instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to make software work for you, look for software that puts you in the driver’s seat. The best software solutions enable you to customize and test the platform yourself without complex programming. When pursuing digital transformation, look for simple, agile, easy-to-use tools.

Ask, “Can this software be easily modified to fit our company’s unique needs?” You shouldn’t be limited by restrictive software. Software should empower you to work better and faster.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to buy from one software company. You can have multiple tools—it’s usually better that way. Many organizations would rather buy a mediocre bolt-on from SAP (with whom they’re already doing business) than adopt a new solution.

Where to Start

CRM and ERP solutions have yet to land in do-it-yourself territory, but we hope to see advancements in this area soon. Platforms like Slack and Asana are easy to use and customizable. They’re revealing how easy it is to work when you can customize software on the spot in minutes. We hope other software companies will catch up.

EVAN360 is another easily customizable tool that will make you want to say goodbye to your current, highly-engineered support platform. We believe digital tools should improve productivity, not hinder it. Finding support has previously been a huge time waster, but it doesn’t have to be anymore.

With EVAN360, you can customize:

  • Branding
  • Request categories and subcategories
  • Teams (and request categories and subcategories within teams)
  • Member skills so the right requests are matched to the right expert

It’s simple and intuitive, so you can learn how to use the tool in a few minutes. You can make changes on the spot. And the best part is the instant support that gets you back to work fast.



Want to learn more about EVAN360? See how it works here.

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