Is My Laptop Battery Going Bad or Is It Just Overworked?

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Have you noticed that batteries in laptops a few years old don’t seem to hold a charge very well? While there’s no easy way to determine if a battery is being drained by too many background processes or if it’s just going bad, a tool in Windows 10 can help you make that determination.

This relatively unknown utility in Windows 10 is called Powercfg and only requires a bit of technical skill to run. To use it:

    1. Click on the Windows icon
    2. Type CMD
    3. Right click the Command Prompt program and choose “run as administrator”
    4. Navigate to your desktop by entering
    5. Type
    6. Let it run to completion
    7. Type
    8. Let it run to completion
    9. Type exit

TIP: To paste text in the Command Prompt, just right click with your mouse.

This will create two files on your desktop:

  • energy-report.html gives you a view of what processes and hardware are the biggest drains on battery life. The information can be used to turn off features and software to increase battery life.
  • battery-report.html gives you a complete view of battery health. Review “Battery capacity history” for a comparison of the existing full charge vs. design capacities. Full charge drops as batteries age. Replacement should occur when full charge routinely drops below 60% of design capacity.

Contact us at and we will be glad to run this utility and perform a battery health analysis for free.

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