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Have you noticed that batteries in laptops a few years old don’t seem to hold a charge very well? While there’s no easy way to determine if a battery is being drained by too many background processes or if it’s just going bad, a tool in Windows 10 can help you make that determination.

This relatively unknown utility in Windows 10 is called Powercfg and only requires a bit of technical skill to run. To use it:

    1. Click on the Windows icon
    2. Type CMD
    3. Right-click the Command Prompt program and choose “run as administrator”
    4. Type
    5. Let it run to completion
    6. Type
    7. Let it run to completion
    8. Type exit

TIP: To paste text in the Command Prompt, just right click with your mouse.

This will create two files on drive C:\:

  • energy-report.html gives you a view of what processes and hardware are the biggest drains on battery life. The information can be used to turn off features and software to increase battery life.
  • battery-report.html gives you a complete view of battery health. Review “Battery capacity history” for a comparison of the existing full charge vs. design capacities. Full charge drops as batteries age. Replacement should occur when full charge routinely drops below 60% of design capacity.

Contact us at EVAN.help and we will be glad to run this utility and perform a battery health analysis for free.

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