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Organizations have made painstaking efforts to create complex and expensive help desk and ticketing solutions to enable the support process. This includes IT, engineering, and HR support, among others. Unfortunately, the support process is continually circumvented by employees because it requires too many steps and/or creates too much friction.

Friction Point 1: Reporting the Issue

Many organizations have implemented self-service enterprise service management (ESM) solutions where employees log in, create a request, and click submit. However, this process sounds simpler than it actually is. Sometimes it takes more time to log an issue than to call a friend in IT. If it takes more than three clicks to submit an issue or if employees must fill out more than three fields to submit a request, the more likely they are to circumvent the process.

Friction Point 2: Getting in Touch with the Right Person

Usually, artificial intelligence or the help desk triage cannot fully understand all issues employees face. Sure, AI works for basic questions such as, “How do I update Windows on my laptop?” but employees can find basic information easily without a support platform. All questions an AI chatbot is equipped to answer are likely addressed in the employee handbook or onboarding training anyway. Productivity drops when the first person an employee connects with is not really equipped to help them. Once again, they’ll be phoning a friend in IT to get help faster.

Ultimately, when your company’s support process is circumvented, visibility into issues is lost and the organization loses control of their support model.

The Answer?

Make it easy for users to submit help requests that are directly routed to the right person the first time. We designed a solution where a simple menu interface like the one below is provided to the user via a smartphone app or web browser. With EVAN360, users don’t have to click more than two levels down to connect with the right person.

For example, an IT organization can create a simple list of help categories linked to the right IT support experts so when an issue is selected, the IT expert already knows who the user is, a history of other issues, and where help is needed. Then the expert can connect directly with the user through the app where the issue is tracked and timed and the session is recorded.

Users and experts are given the opportunity to provide feedback after each session via a five-star rating system and comments, which grants visibility into the quality of the issue resolution process. Organization leadership and department heads can track feedback to identify what’s working, what’s not working, and areas for improvement.

The answer is easy: EVAN360. It eliminates the friction and makes for a seamless support process that benefits the entire organization.



Ready to make EVAN360 your company’s hub for immediate problem-solving? Explore the solution here.

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