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Organizations with shared services are often ill-equipped to provide employees with a customized internal support solution. The average ticketing system structure we’ve all grown accustomed to has kept our expectations low when it comes to problem-solving. It’s always the same story:

  • Step 1: Call your help desk or submit a ticket.
  • Step 2: Wait for a response.
  • Step 3: Answer scripted generic questions.
  • Step 4: Face the possibility of repeating the process all over again if the problem isn’t solved the first time.

“I’ve stopped calling our help desk and now I just call a friend in the IT department directly when I really need help.”

—Field Engineer at a global energy company

Circumventing the established ticketing support process has consequences:

  • Leaders of shared service organizations have little visibility into real employee issues and therefore cannot take corrective action.
  • Help desk personnel are underutilized.

The standard ticketing system model has become the status quo, largely because there are few alternatives for employee support. But companies shouldn’t have to settle for a subpar solution that slows business operations and productivity.

When you select a support solution for your company, you’re making an investment. Not only in the solution itself, but in your employees and ultimately the future of your company. See the evidence from this 2019 productivity survey. It’s important to dive deep into the current state of your organization’s support process and ask, “How can we make the support experience better?”

Most enterprise service management (ESM) solutions fail to provide a custom support experience based on one’s role in the organization. An excellent ESM experience includes customized menu options for self-service help based on an employee’s role.

A team of employees working in the front office of a restaurant might have the following options:

A corporate accounting team would have a different set of options for help:

This approach gives each department or type of employee a meaningful interface that is relevant to their work and needs. The accountant’s productivity increases because they no longer have to navigate a series of options that are not relevant to them. The same goes for restaurant employees. It also allows issues to be routed quickly and appropriately, reducing the risk of employees circumventing the process.

The EVAN360 SaaS solution provides the ability to quickly create an unlimited set of unique interfaces for every team or department in any organization no matter the industry. Implementation happens in a matter of days. Connecting to the right support and improving the employee experience has never been easier thanks to EVAN360.



Ready to make EVAN360 your company’s hub for immediate problem-solving? Explore the solution here.

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