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A first impression is a lasting impression. The onboarding experience is usually the first impression new hires have when they walk in the door. HR organizations are challenged with 1) giving employees all the information they need to be set up for success and 2) getting them to work quickly. There’s no easy answer when it comes to allocating just the right amount of time to onboarding. Spending too much time onboarding employees can cause information overload. Not giving employees enough information can make for a rough start and leave important questions unanswered. Think of all the information a new hire needs to know: Company policies, benefits, payroll, company culture, communications, technology, safety practices, etc.

Most new hires only retain a small percentage of what they learn during onboarding. Many new hires spend up to 20% of their time trying to find answers to questions they either don’t remember or that were never addressed. When new hires cannot find answers quickly, it’s frustrating. Such frustration can leave employees with a poor impression of the company. Imagine how employee frustration can trickle down and affect the customer experience. After all, a happy employee means a happy customer. But a frustrated employee… well, that’s a different story.

HR departments should equip their organizations to answer new hire questions quickly in a personalized way. Most organizations have some sort of HR portal where employees can find answers to common questions, but many questions simply cannot be answered through a portal or even a chatbot.

“I have a question about the company’s policy on overtime.”

“I got married—how do I update my last name with the company?”

“How do I access my HSA account to deposit additional funds?”

“I need to take a ½ day off, but I’m not eligible for vacation yet. What do I do?”

The list goes on.

It gets trickier when the problem-solving process differs from department to department. The safety department might have their own portal for answering safety question and the payroll department may have yet another way to answer payroll questions. New hires almost need a whole training on where to go for questions.

Here’s Your Answer

HR organizations can now provide a better way to support new hires and improve the employee experience. EVAN360 allows employees to connect to a human expert who can provide the right answers the first time. HR organizations can customize the platform by setting up categories through which employee questions are routed to the right expert right away.

As an added bonus, EVAN360 is designed to connect your entire workforce. HR, Accounting, IT, Field Engineering, Quality Assurance—any department at all—can use EVAN360, making it your one-stop-shop for all questions across the organization.

EVAN360 improves the onboarding experience because employees confidently know exactly where to go for help without the stress of wondering where to find it. And you can have confidence that the first impression will be a great one.

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