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Productivity is a hot topic in the workplace these days. Microsoft’s notable attempt at a four-day work week increased productivity by nearly 40% in their Japan offices. In this case, productivity was measured by sales per employee. Microsoft has also experimented with decreased meeting times by encouraging employees to keep meetings to a minimum and under 30 minutes.

Microsoft’s efforts to create efficiency and prevent employees from being overworked is admirable, but a four-day work week doesn’t work for every company. Many companies have clients or customers who rely on them five days a week. We propose an alternative solution to increase productivity for those employees who are unable to trim days off of their work week.

It all centers around problem-solving. When your employees have an IT problem or HR-related question, how long does it take for them to find an answer? Do they know who to ask? Does your ticketing solution help or hinder their productivity?

Your existing help desk or ticketing solution might be one of the biggest productivity drains on your company. Your employees could be spending hours waiting or searching for answers, distracted from work and wasting valuable time. Two of my colleagues recall their all-too-familiar experiences with unreliable support solutions:

“I recently needed some HR/benefits information from a past employer, so I went to the employer’s alumni landing page to learn how to find the information. I was directed to a toll-free number where someone asked for my old employee number and office phone number. I knew neither, so I pressed a button to enter a queue where I could get that information. After waiting 10 minutes, I talked to someone who was unable to help and I was directed to another number. Finally, I got the information, called back the toll-free number, and waited 20 minutes before someone answered. That person couldn’t help, so they told me someone else would call me back in a few hours. By the end of the NEXT business day, I still hadn’t received a call, so I called back and talked to someone who took down my information. Then, I didn’t get my answer for a month. And it came in the mail.”


“If we encounter any IT difficulty, we have to fill out a ticket by checking a box next to the issue we’re having. The choices are so vague and never really match my issue, so when I finally get a call/email back hours later, it’s usually from someone who can’t help. Ultimately, I’m forwarded to someone else, then I wait another few hours for them to get back to me. We often miss each other and play phone tag for a day before I can talk to them. To make matters worse, their response method is never consistent. Sometimes it’s an email, a call, a text, or even an IM through our portal. I never know how or when I’ll hear from them.”

As you may see, it’s time to start thinking about problem-solving a bit differently.

If your existing problem-solving solution hinders your employees’ ability to get work done, it’s time for a change. EVAN360 might just be the missing link your company needs. The EVAN360 platform provides your employees with an immediate connection to a real person in real time who is qualified to help and solves problems the right way the first time. It’s simple, easy to use, and allows your employees to get back to work fast.

If you’re curious about EVAN360, you can try your first session for free by signing up here, or schedule a demo.



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