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When changes occur in an organization, problems are inevitable. From acquisitions to new systems to new leadership to moving offices, change disrupts the habitual, daily course of events. Some people might be resistant to change, some might not care at all. Some might jump on board at first, but getting transformation to stick in the long run is challenging.

In fact, the biggest risk of most transformation efforts is compelling people to change and follow the new ways of conducting business. Organizations spend countless hours providing various trainings to help people adopt and understand expectations. Inevitably, only a small percentage of what is taught is retained. Following the training and when the change is implemented, employees will always have questions. When those questions arise, people usually assume one of three behaviors: Try to find the answer themselves, phone a friend, or find an expert. The last is the most effective yet least accessible option, because employees don’t often know where to go for help.

The question and answer process at most organizations is overcomplicated and fraught with unnecessary steps. It becomes even more complex in larger organizations where new processes, systems, and strategies require adoption by hundreds—or even thousands—of employees.

Employees should know exactly where to go to find answers, and when they get there, the problem should be addressed quickly and correctly the first time. Waiting around for an expert to follow up or dig around for a solution is a waste of time.

That’s why we created EVAN360. We believe the right tools can make or break the transformation process, which, in turn, affects the overall employee experience. Our tool allows employees to instantly connect to a human expert who can provide the right answers the first time. This reduces the frustration of working in a new, changed environment and increases the chances that the change will stick. EVAN360 continues to decrease frustration over time because employees confidently know exactly where to go for help without the added stress of wondering where to find it.

Change is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. However, it’s possible to ease the burden with the right tools to set your team up for success.



Want to learn more about EVAN360? See how it works here.

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