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When COVID-19 is on the downhill slope and it’s time for the economy to reopen, it will likely happen in waves. These waves could be by region, business type, or even by age—the youngest going back to work more quickly than older workers. This type of economic reopening will create some interesting challenges for which businesses must prepare in advance. It’s important to consider all the changes your workforce might experience as you adjust to a new economic environment post-coronavirus.

  • Not all furloughed workers may come back to work. On the other hand, if a company is ramping up quickly, new hires will be brought on board and require training to become productive. New hire questions are inevitable. Starting a new job and not knowing who to go to for help slows this process down.
  • Younger employees need support from the right mentors, but working remotely adds an extra layer of complication. When employees can get their questions answered in full by the right person, they can stay productive and confidently do their job.
  • Companies often run differently from region to region. Larger companies may move some of their younger employees to new regions to cover critical needs. Getting these employees help from the right older workers at the right time helps increase efficiency and effectiveness as they transition to a new team.

Companies will rely on HR to make sure employees have the support they need to ramp up operations. Traditional in-person training methods will likely be discouraged or prohibited due to social distancing requirements. After all, the transition from Zoom calls to face-to-face meetings won’t happen overnight. As businesses slowly shift back into normal operations, getting employees back on board and handling personnel changes will be a challenging—though not impossible—hurdle to jump. The right tools can ease the burden.

EVAN360 is a tool HR can leverage to help employees adjust to workplace changes and get back to work faster.

  • New employees can use the platform to connect to existing employees who are still working from home to get quick answers about onboarding and job responsibilities.
  • Younger employees can connect to the right mentors for help in order to do their job effectively and reduce the chances of errors—especially those that could have catastrophic consequences.
  • Your entire team can use EVAN360 to get instant answers when they have questions about new policies and procedures, trainings, and general business operations.

Employees with questions can quickly connect to an employee who has the right answer. All it takes is logging into the platform, selecting a help category, typing in your question, and clicking submit. Just three clicks can connect you to the right expert in minutes.

When business is changing and you have people to manage, EVAN360 makes it easy to ensure employee questions are answered and your team is taken care of.

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