We have compiled a selection of questions and answers you might have about EVAN360. If we’ve forgotten anything, feel free to email us at info@evan360.com and we’ll be happy to answer additional questions.
In one sentence, what is EVAN360?

EVAN360 is an instant, personalized support platform that improves productivity and helps organizations thrive.

Tell us more.

We believe people deserve immediate, personalized support. They shouldn’t have to wait hours—or even days—for someone to get around to their help ticket. Support should be accessible, fast, and effective so problems are solved the right way the first time.

The EVAN360 platform allows organizations to customize a unique support environment where people can connect to experts for help without the wait. The EVAN360 platform provides a unique and simple way to build expert networks for support. Questions are redirected to the expert who can provide the right answer the first time.

Put simply, EVAN360 is the channel that connects people with problems to people with solutions.

What types of organizations can use EVAN360?

Whether you have 50,000 people or 50, any organization of any size can benefit from EVAN360. Professional services, education, nonprofits, retail, construction, finance, energy, engineering, hospitality—the list goes on. If your organization requires support in any area, EVAN360 is the answer.

The platform is customizable, so whether you’re seeking IT support for your in-house team or engineering support for those in the field, EVAN360 can be designed to fit your unique needs.

What is the problem EVAN360 is trying to address?

Many organizations face problems when it comes to finding an effective support solution. Ticketing systems, helplines, chatbots, and other traditional means of support simply aren’t equipped to answer questions quickly and correctly. People get stuck in a queue or put on hold, and problems take hours or days to solve. Productivity is lost and people grow frustrated.

EVAN360 has reinvented and re-humanized the support process so people can connect to a human in minutes and get their problem solved the right way the first time. We believe a support solution should make your organization more efficient and effective—not slow business down.

How does EVAN360 ensure questions are routed to the right expert?

During implementation, you’ll have the ability to create a custom list of request categories best suited to meet the needs of your team. Once that list is created, your organization will select which team members will be “experts.” Experts can be assigned to certain skills based on their individual areas of expertise so questions are always routed to the right person.

Do we need to hire more people if we implement EVAN360?

No. EVAN360 is a SaaS solution that requires minimal support. Based on our experience, a 300-person organization usually requires less than 30 minutes of EVAN360 support on a weekly basis.

There are hundreds of support solutions on the market. How is EVAN360 different?
  • It’s easy and simple to learn and use.
  • There’s little wait time. Connect to an expert within minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Connect to a human expert—not a chatbot—who is equipped to address your specific question. This ensures problems are solved the right way the first time.
  • We equip you to build a network of experts so your people can connect to the right person every time.
  • Implementation can happen in a matter of hours.
  • All sessions are recorded via audio and video and are accessible for future use and quality assurance.
  • Experts and users can provide feedback after every session.
  • It’s a comprehensive tool. It can work for any organization or department and connect your entire team.
“Help tickets will never go away… we always have a backlog of open help tickets…”

With EVAN360, there are no tickets. It’s not a ticketing system. Users are routed to the right person to solve their problem right away. People never have to wait in a queue and organizations never have to worry about a seemingly unending ticket backlog.

What if I have a specific system that requires constant and/or specialized support from an external support team?

We can allow your organization to engage outside specialized support contractors with EVAN360. The EVAN360 platform tracks support time to allow organizations to track time and billing for contractors. That way, you always know what you’re paying for.

We can also enroll your existing managed service providers as experts in your EVAN360 environment.

What other platforms can EVAN360 integrate with?

EVAN360 was built on an open source code environment allowing integration with a variety of platforms. For example, our customers have already integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft365, PowerBI, Stripe, among others. We can work with your team to integrate EVAN360 with other platforms, as well.

Is EVAN360 secure?

EVAN360 was built with security in mind. This includes integrability with existing AD/LDAP sign-ons, CloudFront Access control, EVAN360 WAF (web application firewall), and your own private tenant.

Who are the support experts?

Support experts are any internal team members or existing external contractors your organization uses. Who you assign as experts is completely up to you and your organization’s specific needs. Experts are assigned to specific categories in which they are qualified to help so you’re sure to get the right answer the first time.

How long does it take to implement EVAN360? Do you offer training?

EVAN360 can be implemented in a matter of hours once your organization decides which skills will be assigned to specific people. We often recommend organizations start with a pilot department or team. That way, your organization can better assess what skill categories fit best.

EVAN360 provides live training to the people in your organization who will be administering the solution through our assigned customer support team and the resources found in our Admin Guide online. Very little end-user training is required since the EVAN360 application is so easy to use.

What does a typical EVAN360 help session look like?

It’s simple and fast. Simply log in to your organization-specific portal, select a help category, briefly explain the issue, and click submit. From there, you’ll be connected to an expert who will begin the help session and communicate via phone, chat, and/or screen share. When the session is over, the user and expert can provide feedback. Audio and video recordings of every help session are saved for future use and quality assurance.

Where is EVAN360 based and where does it provide service?

EVAN360 is based in Houston, Texas, and can be deployed by your organization anywhere in the world.

How long does it take to learn how to use the platform?

EVAN360 is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Becoming acquainted with the platform and training others to use it is easy. Implementation can happen in a matter of days. Users make fewer than three clicks to submit a help request.

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