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The EVAN360 platform was released a little over three years ago and has developed a strong following, resulting in significant growth. Growth has required a lot of work, making it easy for me to overlook why EVAN360 was founded. It took a visit from my mother to remind me why we originally created the EVAN360 platform—to provide immediate IT support to growing companies.

No elevator music. No hold signals. No chatbots. Just immediate IT support from the right expert at the right time.

My mother is a small business owner who has used a franchise PC support company on the East Coast. She did not initially join the EVAN360 platform, because she felt obligated to her PC support technician. Additionally, she felt having access to on-site repairs was critical.

The irony? Her support technician has only set foot in her office once in eight years. And that was to upgrade her computer to Windows 10.

Her experience is exactly why we started EVAN360. We wanted other small businesses like ours to have access to top-notch IT support personnel who fix problems the right way the first time. In real time. On demand.

The Experience

 The technician scheduled and rescheduled an office visit during my mother’s busy time. The technician was late and charged a $60 trip fee and a $180/hour off-site fee. Worse, the technician charged for time waiting as Windows 10 loaded. Upon completion of the upgrade, the technician loaded some monitoring software and three icons for remote support. Then he disappeared.

The next morning, my mother could not use critical applications and had to pay an additional $100 per hour for online assistance. Employees and vendors were finally paid, but most applications would still not work.

Talk about IT support gone wrong.

My mom called and I helped her join the EVAN360 platform. She connected to the right Master Certified Professional (MCP) who quickly determined what was wrong and helped reconfigure her PC and Windows 10 correctly. The MCP also found and fixed the following:

1. Data was not being backed up to the cloud because the application my mother was using to sync documents was not reinstalled. The EVAN360 MCP set up OneDrive to sync all business information to the cloud, including documents, application files, music, pictures, and videos. OneDrive storage is included in the Office365 subscription.

2. Monitoring and antivirus software slowed down the PC. Unnecessary software was installed to control when Windows 10 could be updated and to provide overall system security. Worse, the technician tried to charge a significant amount of money to provide “lifetime security updates.” The EVAN360 MCP uninstalled the antivirus software and configured the default Windows Security to provide better defense. The MCP also configured Windows 10 Updates to delay feature updates a few days, which ensures 99.99999% stability for free.

3. Links for remote support were installed on the PC in the form of three icons, which made finding support cumbersome. This was the process:

  • Click on a desktop icon to send an email requesting help
  • Wait for a call within 8 hours
  • Receive a call and click on a second desktop icon to start remote desktop sharing (view only)
  • Explain issue to be resolved
  • Solve the problem by typing in commands as dictated over the phone
  • Reconnect though the same process above if PC has to be rebooted as part of the solution
  • Click on a third desktop icon to acknowledge the problem has been solved
  • Reboot the computer to stop all software started by clicking on the icons

The EVAN360 MCP removed the support software. EVAN360 uses industry standard software to provide user-friendly support by connecting customers to MCPs via web browser. MCPs are granted remoted access with one click.

4. Neither Microsoft Office 365 nor critical business applications were properly installed. Subscriptions for already-owned software were not activated. Worse, subscriptions for newly added software were not obtained. The EVAN360 MCP activated existing licenses and helped obtain valid subscriptions for new software, including Microsoft Office 365.

5. The EVAN360 MCP spent time confirming business information and ensuring my mother knew how to access the platform.

EVAN360 Gets IT Right

The MCP fixed everything that was wrong with the original Windows 10 upgrade as part of the free EVAN360 initial service offer. It was all done online through the EVAN360 platform in less than an hour. Compare that to the original $600 invoice provided to my mother by the disappearing service technician.

My mom has filed a complaint to the BBB on the other company, and EVAN360 is her go-to resource for computer support.

EVAN360 continues to provide immediate IT support to those in need of quick answers and expert advice. To connect with an IT pro right away, sign up here. Your first session is free!



Ready to make EVAN360 your company’s hub for immediate problem-solving? Explore the solution here.

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