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Part of the service EVAN provides is educating businesses on small changes they can make in their day-to-day use of software to become more secure and efficient. When it comes to web browsers, EVAN recommends Google Chrome,* and today’s feature update solidifies it as our top choice.

Why Google Chrome?

  • Security – Chrome automatically and seamlessly applies the latest browser updates each week. Google is especially quick to roll out patches related to security and browsing protection.
  • Convenience – Time-saving features like the ability to sync your extensions, preferences, and bookmarks across computers are included with your Google account.
  • Ease of use – Chrome’s interface is minimal, easy to understand, and includes handy features like a built-in Flash player and PDF reader.
  • Private browsing – The included “incognito” mode prevents tracking and automatically deletes cookies, passwords, and form data when the browser is closed.
  • Speed – Overall, it’s not the fastest browser on the market. That honor belongs to Mozilla’s Firefox. But it’s a close second and still fast considering the aforementioned features.

What’s important about today’s update?

As of July 24, 2018, Google Chrome presumes every website delivered over unsecured HTTP is at risk and highlights that fact with a security warning. The more secure HTTPS protocol is now commonplace and considered a requirement for a safe browsing experience in Chrome.

CNET has an excellent article with more details about this update and the history behind the rise of HTTPS. Additionally, we have shared the technology behind this security in our blog post, “TLS (The Security Feature Formerly Known as SSL) and Why It Matters.”

*EVAN is not affiliated with or compensated by any recommended product.

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