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What is EVAN360?

EVAN360 is a technology platform providing immediate and secure remote technology support for growing businesses. EVAN360 also provides large companies with a SaaS-based technology platform to automate problem-solving and issue resolution within any organization.

EVAN360 takes pride in delivering secure, reliable, transparent, and fast service to customers with exceptional customer service. Unlike most help desks, you have a say in who helps solve your computer problem through the matching and review processes. Also, all of our IT professionals are English-speaking and located in the United States, so there’s no need to worry about a language barrier.

How is EVAN360 different than other IT support companies?

EVAN360 eliminates the typical wait time between making a request and connecting with the right person. Hold times, delayed responses, and unresolved problems are eliminated. There is never a backlog of tickets and there is real-time visibility into how quickly issues are being solved and how much time it takes. EVAN360 addresses the problems on an average of 33 minutes or less, and our pricing model is more affordable than in-house help desks or external ticketing solutions.

What can EVAN360 help me with?

EVAN360 offers a wide variety of on-demand skills to solve just about any computer problem you encounter. Our large number of Master Certified Professionals account for a wealth of knowledge and expertise for our customers.


How do I know EVAN360 is qualified to solve my problem?

EVAN360 goes through a thorough vetting process, which includes a criminal and financial background check, certification validation, and an interview before consideration as a candidate to provide support.

The training that follows helps ensure each Master Certified Professional is properly qualified to provide support to you quickly and securely.

If you like your IT Pro, you can favorite them and make a direct request the next time you have a computer problem.

Is it safe to allow EVAN360 to remotely access my computer?

EVAN360 uses a secure communication platform called Zoom to connect to your computer only if you allow it. You get to watch what EVAN360 does to your computer and the entire transaction is recorded.

At the end of the session, you will receive a copy of the recording so you can watch it again as needed. This should solve your insomnia issues.

If you’re uncomfortable with anything EVAN360 says or does during the help session, you can report a problem immediately following the session. Once a problem is reported, our staff will audit the recording and contact you within a few business hours to address your concerns. Our IT Pros are all located in the United States to maintain the security of the platform.

What happens if EVAN360 doesn’t solve my problem?

EVAN360’s Master Certified Professionals will do their best to let you know immediately if they realize they are not qualified to solve your problem. At this point, your session fee will be waived and you will have the ability to match with another Pro who can solve your problem.

How does EVAN360 protect my payment information?

Payments are completed through a well-known, secure payment vendor called Stripe.  We are one of many online companies using Stripe to support secure payments on the web. Your payment information will never be stored in EVAN360’s systems. We leave the payment expertise to Stripe so we can focus on delivering exceptional service and getting you back to work!

Can I get EVAN360 to support my entire company?

EVAN360 can support your entire company through one simple sign-up process. Your employees will then be able to log on to their individual accounts to get computer help. As a company administrator, you always have access to review the services that EVAN360 has provided your employees.

Can I have EVAN360 come to my location?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, it may still be worthwhile to connect with an IT Pro before going elsewhere to make sure your problem can’t be diagnosed remotely—you’ll be surprised how many things can be solved through the platform!

Now, if you do run into an issue that EVAN360 doesn’t have the capability to solve remotely, we partner with a number of American companies that provide on-site support.

Email your specific computer issue to and we will send you partner information.

How much does the service cost?

EVAN360 has a declining pricing structure that incentivizes our IT Pros to solve your problem quickly.

The first 30 minutes of your session costs $60, then each additional 15 minutes cost $30.

If you’re not satisfied with your service, you can cancel within the first minute and receive no charge for the session.

An alternative pricing option created especially for businesses is our subscription plan, which allows you to pay a fixed fee per month per employee for on-demand service. Visit for full details.

Can I become a Master Certified IT Professional for EVAN360?

You sure can—beginning with these steps!

  • Click HERE to email us your qualifications, including a resume and copies of any IT certifications
  • Schedule a consultation with our Provider Relations staff
  • Pass a background check
  • Receive training and onboarding
What is the onboarding process like to become an IT Professional for EVAN360?

The onboarding process takes place after you’ve submitted your qualifications, completed your interview and passed the background check. Once you’ve been approved, you have a thorough onboarding and training process leading to our Master Certification. During this time, a member of our staff will walk you through the EVAN360 story, the role you’ll play as an IT provider, and answer any questions you have.

How am I matched with the right IT Professional?

Log in to your account at and select your computer problem. You will then be matched with the Master Certified Professional most qualified to solve your specific problem. Their rankings and qualifications will be shared so you can feel confident in your match.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the Pro selected for you, you can choose to be re-matched to another highly qualified IT Professional right away.

Does EVAN360 sell my personal information?

Absolutely not. Security is our highest priority and we take every precaution to guard your personal information. Beware of IT support companies that offer services for free. Many times, that means they are compensated through the sale of your personal information, which is an invasion of your privacy and compromises your security. We don’t do this.

What IT company is EVAN360 affiliated with?

We’re not. EVAN360 is independent of any tech company, platform, web browser, etc. We have no ulterior motive and no extra services or programs that we are trying to sell you. Just connecting you with IT Professionals ready to help when you need it.

For any additional questions, email