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Since October 17, 2017, you may have had trouble opening documents in Office 2007 or even using it entirely. This is likely due to the combination of recent substantial updates to Windows and the “end of life” status that Office 2007 entered on October 10. Office 2011 for Mac also entered this status on the same date.

“End of life” is applied to a product that will no longer receive updates or support of any kind from Microsoft. It’s not necessarily well communicated to users of their products. EVAN recommends that you review Microsoft’s Lifecycle Policy to see if any older software you currently use might lose support soon. This page also includes articles and suggestions for potential upgrade paths along with which level of support software will continue to receive (or not) in the future. For example, in April 2018, every program in the Office 2013 suite will move into the Extended Support phase, requiring paid service and upgrades for anything not related to security.

For any paid product that does not currently have a defined end-of-life date, Microsoft has committed to providing at least 12 months’ notice for ending support unless there’s a logical successor or replacement product already in place.

These lifecycles are not limited to desktop software. Windows Phone 8.1 also reached its end of life in July 2017 and will no longer receive any updates. Since mobile devices are just as prone to security vulnerabilities as other devices, EVAN strongly encourages Windows Phone users to migrate to devices with up-to-date operating systems right away.

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