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The short answer? No. Recent studies show that 94 percent of computer problems are solved remotely. This includes wireless, smart device, printer, mobile application, and software issues. Many large organizations already know this as they have centralized IT support. If a remote location has an issue, the central remote IT organization is solving 94 percent of the technology problems.

We’ve seen a large company with more than 17,000 worldwide employees in more than 100 remote locations centralize their IT support. Most locations had poor connectivity and local desktops were on different hardware and software versions. The central IT organization had the ability and flexibility to figure out unique local IT problems and quickly solve them remotely.

A small business owner might say, “We have servers on site that need to be repaired. How can this be done remotely?” Unless the company is providing technical computing services or maritime services, the business should migrate the servers to a hosted or cloud environment. Hackers are looking for those with computers hosted locally because they’re easier to hack than computers hosted by professional companies.

What does this mean for growing businesses?

Many growing businesses hire a managed service organization or an “IT guy” to come on site to fix computer issues. However, growing businesses need to wean themselves off of on-site support providers to save time and money. A managed service provider once confessed, “Last week, a client paid us $450 to come on site to change a maiden name to a married name on an employee’s email account. We could have easily done that remotely, but they’re more comfortable when we show up.”

You too can be supported remotely

Today’s technology allows an expert to securely access your computer remotely as if they were sitting at your desktop. EVAN uses secure technology to remotely solve hundreds of computer problems in a fraction of the time and price. Just imagine the money and time you could save as a growing business owner.

EVAN is more than just a great source of technology information; we have Master Certified Professionals waiting to meet your IT needs right now.

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