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MYTH: Solving technical problems is complicated. We have all been conditioned to believe this is true. We call a help line and it takes an army to solve the problem. The first person we talk to cannot solve our problem, so we’re routed to a technician who attempts to solve the problem. If the technician cannot solve the problem, we’re routed to an expert. This process reinforces our belief that our problem is so severe that it must be solved by a super specialist and no one else.

REALITY: The first person we talk to is merely trained to answer the phone and route problems. Although they ask a bunch of questions appearing to attempt to solve the problem, the first person is working off a script to make sure we didn’t forget to plug in the computer. The first person is typically not trained to help. The technician is only one trained to help with general problems, and they also have a script to follow. The technician has a checklist of questions and can only help with a select group of problems. The expert is the one who is really trained to help with anything. This is called Division of Labor. The technology support company would rather waste our time than their expert’s time. Lower paid people become screeners with the hope our problem is something silly (e.g. we forgot to plug in the computer or the mouse battery is dead).

What does this mean for small business?  Small businesses have an alternative to waiting on the phone for the right person to help them. EVAN Your IT Guy has created a solution to connect small business employees directly to an expert in a matter of a few clicks. The EVAN website and app allow you to select the problem you are having, and the EVAN network quickly notifies the right qualified expert to call you within minutes.

Save time. Save money.

EVAN is more than just a great source of technology information; we have Master Certified Professionals waiting to meet your IT needs right now.

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