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We recently sat down with current EVAN360 user Mike Stegall who serves as the IT Manager at Eurecat US. Mike shared his thoughts about EVAN360 and how his company has been using the platform since late 2018 to improve efficiency. Read his perspective below:

What do you like about EVAN360?

The company delivers on their promise. I’ve found them to be more open-minded than other companies I’ve dealt with. They really listened to our needs and revamped the platform to help us. It was a surprise to work with a team who was interested in having the client help them develop the product. It’s crazy how much we have adapted that software. They took a lot of our suggestions to heart and ran with them.

In what areas of your company are you using EVAN360?

Mainly for IT service. Our IT department made the decision to use EVAN360 and we use it throughout all departments in our company for IT support.

While working from home due to COVID-19, has EVAN360 helped your remote team?

Definitely. While working remotely, more people have been using EVAN360 instead of reaching out for help via phone or some other contact method. Employees know they can put in a request and get help, so it’s a one-stop shop for them.

Because of the way the EVAN360 team has adapted the platform, certain requests are routed to me, and I can answer tickets right away. I’ve also found our employees don’t care who is addressing questions as long as they’re being addressed.

How did you get people on board with using EVAN360? Any lessons learned?

We first sent an email about the new way to reach out with IT service requests. For a while, people would still call and email for help, and I would just send them a link to redirect them to EVAN360. Getting people on board was the most arduous part of the process. It took a while. But when they started seeing the platform in place and working, they were more eager to use it. It’s easier to get someone to use a tool the second time if it works the first time.

Especially with the surge in remote work due to COVID, employees know they can go to EVAN360 for help. We’ve had problems solved in as little as 10-15 minutes.

Have you had any cost savings with EVAN360?

Yes. Because it took a while for me to get employees on board, we started off with only a few of requests per month. The EVAN360 team was able to lower the cost for us until more people started using the platform. They were very easy to work with when it came to finding a good middle ground and a solution that worked on both sides. We do monthly and quarterly reviews to evaluate how we’re using the platform and adjust accordingly.

Do you have any stories around how EVAN360 has added value inside your company or any benefits you’ve seen?

I’m the single IT person for the three sites our company has, so finding more support has always been a struggle. We were looking to find an outside resource or hire internally at some point, but EVAN360 has helped balance out our need for support. It’s provided cost savings compared to hiring an extra employee.

Since implementing the platform, employees know they don’t have to get answers from me. Our employees were surprised how fast, easy, and responsive EVAN360 was. They received such quick answers, and they truly believe in the other support experts who aren’t me. Additionally, the session recording feature is great for future troubleshooting.



Want to learn more about EVAN360? See how it works here.

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