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The first time I took my car to a mechanic after moving from my hometown, I was skeptical. I heard horror stories about how mechanics try to dupe customers, especially young women, into paying for services or parts they don’t need because they assume we don’t know better. In my case, they’re right, because I know nothing about cars. Luckily, I had a family friend and car expert on call that day so I could be sure the mechanics weren’t taking advantage of me.

When companies outsource various functions of their businesses, they run the same risk of being taken advantage of. Many times, a company chooses to outsource because they lack the skills and expertise to perform a certain function. As a service provider, transparency is critical.

A lack of transparency in the managed IT service industry was one of the drivers for creating EVAN. Co-founder Peter Purcell has a long career history in the IT industry. He has set up and managed various IT groups, worked as an IT Strategy and Operations Partner at a Big Four consulting firm, and established the entire IT support model to run his own consulting firm for the last nine years.

Based on his background, it should come as no surprise that Peter is the go-to guy for all things technology-related among his family, friends, and professional network. He can cut through the BS, explain in simple terms what other hardware and service providers have over-complicated and oversold, and save people a lot of time and money.

I’m not saying other companies are shady and trying to take advantage of their customers. I just encourage you to do your own research when working with outsourced service providers and don’t waste money on what you don’t need. Referrals, ratings, and customer testimonials are extremely helpful when deciding if a service provider is trustworthy. Great providers should have happy customers that want to tell their story. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential service provider if you can contact a current or previous client of theirs.

Transparency is a core value of EVAN because we believe in treating our users the same way we would our family and friends. Below are the ways we support transparency:

  1. Matching with an IT Pro –When one of our IT Professionals accepts a customer’s help request, the user immediately sees the name and picture of the professional, along with a list of their top skills and overall rating in the application. The user is NOT automatically matched with that Pro—they have the option to accept or decline the match. If declined, the help request is sent back into the pool of IT Pros qualified to help.
  2. Issue Resolution –When a user is in a help session with an IT Pro, the entire session is recorded. After, the recording is stored in the individual user’s history as well as the company history where the company administrator can access it. Session recordings are also accessible to our internal team. Our IT Pros must request control of a user’s desktop in order to remote into their device if required for issue resolution. There is no way for our Pros to automatically take control. If a user prefers, they can decide only to let the Pro view their screen and walk them through the clicks and keystrokes needed to resolve the issue.
  3. Clear Payment –For users signed up for the pay-as-you-go pricing model, total payment for the session is calculated based on how much time a Pro spends resolving the issue and is controlled by a timer. Only after the Pro listens to the issue/need and confirms he can resolve it will he or she start the timer and get to work. The timer can be paused or stopped as needed throughout the session. Users see the timer and know exactly how much they will be charged at the end of the session. And the most important part—users are NOT charged unless their issue is resolved.

Read more about how EVAN operates in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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