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As a Texas resident, my fellow Texans aren’t surprised when I’m craving a burger while on a time crunch and I head to the nearest Whataburger. There are locations all over the place so I never have to drive far, and I always get a decent burger within minutes. It’s not the best burger I’ve ever eaten, (shout-out to The Burger Joint in Montrose) but it’s still really good! With any fast food, I realize I’m sacrificing quality to get my meal quicker and cheaper. Some chains are better than others when it comes to quality, but at the end of the day, I know the menu items are mass produced. If I want fresh ingredients and lots of care poured into my meal, I’ll cook at home or go to a nice restaurant. Sacrificing quality for speed makes sense when preparing food for the masses and people on the go.

Speed is the very thing EVAN was created to address, and it’s a common frustration with IT support. Traditional IT support in a small business, regardless of the quality, typically isn’t fast. Whether companies have an in-house IT department or an outsourced IT managed services company, the IT resources available are always going to be limited. Because there are only so many IT professionals available to one company at a given time, the users’ IT needs and issues get prioritized by criticality and company title. Owners and C-level executives often assume the quality of service they receive is the same as everyone else, which is usually not the case.

Our intent with EVAN is to treat everyone as if their issue or need is critical, because computer downtime costs small businesses money—$427 per minute to be exact. And if you add up all the IT professionals that have the capacity and desire to freelance, IT resources don’t need to be limited. More than half a million IT professionals have the capacity and desire to freelance, and 90% of IT issues can be solved remotely. With our platform, IT professionals can connect with users who need help now, no matter where they are in the U.S.

We realized before launching our platform that our speedy service would be a major differentiator from our competitors. You wouldn’t know it by doing a quick Google search for “IT help now” or “instant IT support,” because every other IT support provider uses those words to describe their service. However, after spending a significant amount of time testing out many of these providers, we found our definition of instant to be very different.

Instant service is not a 24/7 call center where a customer service representative answers the phone just to transfer you (who knows how many times) until you eventually speak to someone who can help. Instant to EVAN means a less-than-5-minute wait time before a user is connected to someone qualified and available immediately to resolve an issue.

We’re proud to provide real, on-demand, instant support, because losing $427/minute while waiting for a resolution is unacceptable.

Read more about how EVAN operates in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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