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We were recently asked what IT departments should consider when discussing their internal New Year’s resolutions. We thought this was a great question and want to share our thoughts on what EVAN and our IT colleagues should be thinking about in the new year.

What should IT departments do more of in 2019?

Educate! Most cybersecurity issues and technology breakdowns happen because people are not as informed as they should be when it comes to day-to-day best practices. Investing the time to hold employee training sessions regarding common dos and don’ts of their position will pay off. As a side benefit, this builds goodwill between employees and the typically nebulous IT department.

What should they do less of?

Maintaining software. If possible, web-based software alternatives for ERP systems, ticketing systems, or accounting systems should be prioritized over their traditionally installed counterparts. This frees up IT departments to focus on maintaining the more important infrastructure: operating systems and operating hardware.

What should they be thinking about?

Motive, means, and opportunity. The sophistication of cyber attacks is improving and more companies are falling victim to data breaches due to unpatched vulnerabilities and social engineering (phishing). IT departments should help each business unit think about their data through the eyes of a criminal, specifically a criminal’s motive, means, and opportunities.

What are you planning on doing differently/better next year?

In the new year, we are placing more emphasis on providing supplementary IT support to strained IT departments by giving them access to EVAN’s network of IT Pros around the nation. By lifting the burden of help desk related issues, IT directors are more able to focus on their goals and strategic growth.

EVAN is more than just a great source of technology information; we have Master Certified Professionals waiting to meet your IT needs right now.

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