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Did you let your favorite nephew Timmy use your computer during Thanksgiving to keep him busy and out of the way while you fried a turkey? That makes you an awesome uncle, but now that the family has left and you’re trying to do some Cyber Monday shopping, you notice Timmy has left your computer in an unrecognizable state. WhatRead More
Our favorite web services ask a lot of us these days, and it’s easy to lose track of what information we have allowed to be collected over time. Primarily due to their relationships with advertisers, Facebook and Google are the most likely candidates to know a lot about your demographics and interests. EVAN recommends the following two articles from CNBCRead More
In 2017, 30% of the world’s population uses a smartphone. The rapid growth of devices that are always near us and always connected to the internet makes them prime targets for theft and hacking. For convenience’s sake, we often don’t protect them as well as we should. Security software company, Trend Micro, offers valuable insight to this topic on theirRead More
The year 2017 will likely conclude with a record for the number of large scale, damaging data breaches in history. From Equifax to Verizon to Yahoo, it’s clear that data and information security should be a top priority in 2018. As a small business owner or home computer user, the scale of attacks you might face are much smaller thanRead More
There’s no understating our reliance on computers for day-to-day tasks and critical data storage in 2017. However, a recent Harris Interactive Poll reports that only 64% of computer owners back up their data more often than once per year! Many people find the prospect of data backup to be intimidating, so we want to highlight two cloud-based, easy to use,Read More
Lately, “Blockchain” keeps popping up as a new buzzword, but why does it matter? Simply, Blockchain is the technology that allows secure and direct transactions between parties. It’s the backbone of the most popular digital currency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s value recently hit an all-time high and continues to be accepted around the world by more than 100,000 merchants. More and moreRead More

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