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Many companies engage an IT service company or managed service provider to provide support. The managed service provider’s first step is locking down the environment with monitoring software that controls when updates are applied. That way, they appear to be continuously adding value. The monitoring supposedly creates a safe and stable environment. First, the monitoring software is equivalent to havingRead More
Have you seen someone’s browser look like this? Be honest—was it yours? Before we move on, please stop using Internet Explorer. Microsoft is dropping support for older versions, and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are much more secure and efficient. The above example may seem exaggerated, but it’s not uncommon for our EVAN IT Pros to see something similar andRead More
Does this sound familiar? “Our IT guy set everything up and is the only one who can fix our problems.” First, if your IT guy is immortal, then read no further. Building an IT environment nobody else can understand is a huge red flag. With the off-the-shelf technology alternatives available today, there is no reason to have a custom-built environment. AndRead More
If you currently own an HP or Compaq laptop, you are likely to be affected by a software bug that can allow each of your keystrokes to be recorded. Malware must be written to exploit this, but let’s go ahead and eliminate that possibility right now. Sound good? If you have already applied a recent HP/Compaq update, kudos! EVAN alwaysRead More
As you’re aware, from their increasing presence in your digital life, your grandparents are much more active online these days. They now love to share, like, and regram the same cat videos that you do and are very likely to be carrying a smartphone. They are also likely to be too trusting of the ads and links they see onRead More
In short, no. Recent studies show that 94 percent of computer problems are solved remotely. This includes wireless issues, smart devices, printers, mobile applications, and software issues. Many large organizations already know this as they have centralized IT support. If a remote location has an issue, the central remote IT organization is solving 94 percent of the technology problems. ForRead More
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