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We are excited to announce the full release of our free Cybersecurity Handbook! Designed for growing business owners, this resource will help you understand what cybersecurity means, why it matters, and how to protect your business. Growing businesses are becoming increasingly easy targets for cybercriminals. With technological advancements right and left, hackers are gaining new opportunities for malicious activity thatRead More
Outside of the weekly security patches and minor updates that are released each Tuesday, Microsoft releases larger feature updates to Windows 10 twice a year—each spring and fall. This spring’s update, which Microsoft calls the May 2019 Update (version 1903) now widely available. This release was slightly delayed for more extensive testing due to recent issues with these feature releases.Read More
Image: Google
Yesterday, Google disclosed that their Bluetooth (BLE) Titan Security Keys were accessible to hackers within about 30 feet of the key. The bug allows hackers to either communicate with the security key or with the device to which the key is connected. Google is taking steps to remedy the issue. Now, in order for this attack to actually occur, a hackerRead More
The thought of instant support at the touch of a button once seemed quite futuristic. Remember waiting for the internet to load, or waiting three days to get pictures developed? That was well and good until technology advanced such that waiting is no longer the norm. Now, we can snap and send a picture in under a minute, and weRead More
With the increase in cyberthreats, companies are encouraged to develop robust cybersecurity strategies to prevent cyber assaults. But what happens when the cybersecurity strategy doesn’t work and the company is breached? Companies often turn to their cyber insurance or property insurance policies for coverage. But there’s a catch—insurance policies don’t always cover all breaches. The biggest gap is the actRead More
The modernization of IT is prompting companies to move to the cloud. Slow adopters haven’t made the switch, but many have near-term plans to do so. Companies migrating to the cloud expect to immediately see positive results, like reduced operating costs, better connection of users across locations, and transferring administrative IT responsibilities. In reality, moving to the cloud will becomeRead More

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