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The most recent few years have accounted for the highest number, largest scale, and most damaging data breaches in history. From Equifax to Verizon to Yahoo, data and information security should be a top priority as we move into 2019. As a growing business owner or home computer user, the scale of attacks you might face are smaller than the Read More
There’s no understating our reliance on computers for day-to-day tasks and critical data storage. However, a 2017 Harris Interactive Poll reports that only 64% of computer owners back up their data more often than once per year! Many people find the prospect of data backup to be intimidating, so we want to highlight two cloud-based, easy to use, set-and-forget options Read More
Digital platforms are rapidly changing the way we perform our simplest day-to-day tasks. They remedy common inefficiencies and provide us with solutions we never knew we needed. Consider the transition from memos to email to Slack, which simplifies team communication. Filing cabinets became hard drives which became cloud-based applications like Dropbox, making file storage more manageable. These platforms are shaping Read More
Cyber criminals continue to build more sophisticated tools to scam money out of unwitting end-users. Criminals can purchase “malware-made-to-go” for less than $2 on the dark web. Nation-states are using AI to attack corporate networks. The FBI estimates that more than one million new, unique pieces of malware are created daily. Many companies rely on well-known antivirus software products to Read More
The newest generation of TVs can almost all connect to the internet, giving businesses access to content without the need for cable boxes and expensive subscriptions. In some cases, companies want this added access but may not have the money to buy a new smart TV or don’t want the hassle of plugging a laptop in with an HDMI cable Read More
Have you noticed that batteries in laptops a few years old don’t seem to hold a charge very well? While there’s no easy way to determine if a battery is being drained by too many background processes or if it’s just going bad, a tool in Windows 10 can help you make that determination. This relatively unknown utility in Windows Read More

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