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If you currently own an HP or Compaq laptop, you are likely to be affected by a software bug that can allow each of your keystrokes to be recorded. Malware must be written to exploit this, but let’s go ahead and eliminate that possibility right now. Sound good? If you have already applied a recent HP/Compaq update, kudos! EVAN alwaysRead More
As you’re aware, from their increasing presence in your digital life, your grandparents are much more active online these days. They now love to share, like, and regram the same cat videos that you do and are very likely to be carrying a smartphone. They are also likely to be too trusting of the ads and links they see onRead More
In short, no. Recent studies show that 94 percent of computer problems are solved remotely. This includes wireless issues, smart devices, printers, mobile applications, and software issues. Many large organizations already know this as they have centralized IT support. If a remote location has an issue, the central remote IT organization is solving 94 percent of the technology problems. ForRead More
‘Tis the season for shopping and giving away your email at checkout so retailers can bombard you with notices about their upcoming doorbuster deals. Of course, you want to know about these deals, but you just can’t stand cluttering up your carefully curated inbox (yeah right!). If you’re using Gmail, there’s a handy trick that you can use, with noRead More
Think about your printer. Is there a more problematic piece of technology in your life? We have self-driving cars, Wi-Fi connected coffee makers, and digital assistants that can judge the clothes you’re wearing, but we just can’t seem to escape the need for printers and their continued pattern of misbehaving. These misbehaviors typically manifest as documents that won’t print orRead More
MYTH: Solving technical problems is complicated. We have all been conditioned to believe this is true. We call a help line and it takes an army to solve the problem. The first person we talk to cannot solve our problem, so we’re routed to a technician who attempts to solve the problem. If the technician cannot solve the problem, we’re routedRead More

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