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Regardless of what the big box salesperson might have tried to sell you during your last PC purchase, one of the best options for virus and general threat protection comes along with Windows 10 for free! For most home and small business uses, EVAN recommends Windows Defender. This built-in solution automatically scans downloaded programs, is updated regularly, and monitors virus, Read More
As predicted, 2017 concluded with a record number of data breaches due to cyberattacks. Because of these breaches, we now have more insight into the terrible passwords being used to secure sensitive information all over the world. Of course, you’ve never used a password on this list, but it’s a good reminder to take the following precautions: Change passwords every Read More
My dad used to say, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to avoid phishing scams, keep his technology systems a little safer forever,” or something like that… Old sayings aside, phishing is a technique widely used by hackers to obtain personal information from general users (you). So how do you avoid it? Thankfully, Read More
What’s happening? The Register reported yesterday that Intel processors have a design flaw, dubbed “Meltdown,” that allows secure portions of code to be monitored and exploited at the hardware level. Unlike typical software-based security vulnerabilities, hardware flaws are more widespread and independent of operating systems. “Spectre,” a similar hardware flaw, affects more than just Intel processors, but it is being dealt with by software Read More
Did you gleefully unwrap and boot up a new PC only to be greeted with a slow start-up, apps you don’t need, and overall bloat added by the manufacturer? Before you start using it to write your thank you letters, you might want to take advantage of the built-in “Windows Refresh” option. This will get rid of all added software Read More
Many companies engage an IT service company or managed service provider to provide support. The managed service provider’s first step is locking down the environment with monitoring software that controls when updates are applied. That way, they appear to be continuously adding value. The monitoring supposedly creates a safe and stable environment. First, the monitoring software is equivalent to having Read More

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