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Organizations with shared services are often ill-equipped to provide employees with a customized internal support solution. The average ticketing system structure we’ve all grown accustomed to has kept our expectations low when it comes to problem-solving. It’s always the same story: Step 1: Call your help desk or submit a ticket. Step 2: Wait for a response. Step 3: AnswerRead More
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Imagine ordering something from a big name e-commerce website when, a few minutes later, a fraudulent email hits your inbox asking you to confirm your order or update incorrect credentials. Maybe you’ve been scared by a false IRS pitch over the phone or by an “urgent notice” email. Or maybe you’ve received an urgent offer that “won’t last long, soRead More
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On November 21 of this year, a Lithuanian cybercriminal was extradited to the U.S. to face charges for money laundering and fraud. Since 2011, this man and unknown conspirators had been stealing thousands of dollars from various individuals’ brokerage accounts via electronic means. According to CNBC, he “allegedly worked with co-conspirators to trick day traders and their financial advisors intoRead More
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Enterprise service management (ESM) is a revolutionary concept that businesses are only beginning to truly grasp. While there are some alpha adopters, the true nature of ESM is only in its infancy. According to CIO Magazine, ESM is the next step in the evolution of ITSM. Other analysts are adopting this definition, too. ITSM is built upon a foundation ofRead More
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Productivity is a hot topic in the workplace these days. Microsoft’s notable attempt at a four-day work week increased productivity by nearly 40% in their Japan offices. In this case, productivity was measured by sales per employee. Microsoft has also experimented with decreased meeting times by encouraging employees to keep meetings to a minimum and under 30 minutes. Microsoft’s effortsRead More
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Microsoft’s next major Windows 10 update is just about ready to be released to the public. It focuses on bringing new improvements and features to the existing Microsoft May 2019 Update that has been available for a while now. The official name of this update is Windows 10 November 2019 Update, code-named 19H2 for short. It should be released onRead More
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