The EVAN360 Story

A few years ago, we were running a management consulting firm in Houston, Texas. We had been in the consulting industry for decades, and we noticed a trend among the companies we worked with: Every time someone had a computer problem, their work came to a halt.

They were waiting for their help desk or IT person to get back to them. And they couldn’t do their job until that happened.

We too had experienced this within our own company. Computer problems always meant employee downtime and lost revenue.

Our first thought: Surely there’s some software out there that offers instant support… like an Uber for IT!

We looked. There wasn’t.

All we could find were chatbots and help desks promising instant service. But no way to get the help you need when you need it.

And that’s how EVAN360 came to be.

When we launched, we were primarily focused on IT. Soon after we expanded into the higher education space, and now we’re expanding even further as a full-fledged app designed to make any company in any industry more profitable and productive than ever before.

We’ve found, through EVAN360, that the right balance of human connection and technology empowers companies to operate at a level they never thought possible. Let us know how we can help yours do the same.

Bill Aimone, Peter Purcell, & Jeff Aimone
EVAN360 Co-founders