The EVAN360 Story

In 2016, EVAN360 co-founders Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell were running a management consulting firm. Their consultants worked remotely, and laptops or software would fail, causing work to come to a screeching halt. Such downtime meant lost revenue. Managed service providers couldn’t respond fast enough, and an IT support professional on standby wasn’t affordable.

Three Turkeys and an Idea

During Thanksgiving week in 2016, Peter and Bill lamented their IT support woes with Bill’s brother Jeff, an IT Director in the hospitality industry. Jeff didn’t have an answer to their IT support issues, but he shared some cutting-edge work he was doing on new technology apps in the hospitality industry. He explained how these apps would transform the food service industry much like Uber and Lyft have transformed the transportation industry.

Almost immediately, a light bulb went on as they simultaneously looked at each other and declared, “Somebody needs to build an Uber-like app for IT support!” IT providers would be the virtual drivers and those requesting help would be the virtual riders. Access to support would become easy and instant.

As they mused, this solution seemed too obvious. Someone had undoubtedly already thought of this concept… or maybe not? In either case, they conspired to do some research over the holidays and regroup at the end of the year.

A Christmas Gift

They started scanning the world of IT support options in search of a true on-demand platform. Dozens of managed service providers and consultants claimed to provide “on-demand” support. Peter, Bill, and Jeff subscribed to their trials but found that their on-demand support was really on-supply support. The typical response was, “We can have someone call you tomorrow between 1pm and 3pm.” Was this the cable guy?

To their surprise, no one had developed an on-demand IT support platform where help from a human could be found instantly, so they decided to build it themselves.

Happy New Year!

During the 2017 new year holiday, Peter, Bill, and Jeff locked themselves in a conference room in their Houston office to brainstorm. They developed a conceptual design, investment strategy, patent and trademark strategy, a business plan, and incorporated the company. In October 2017, the EVAN360 MVP was released.

It was a bit buggy and not the most user-friendly. They spent the rest of 2017 making the platform flawless and easy to use. By the end of 2017, they finally had something they were proud of.

The Really Big Idea

Through casual conversations, they shared the EVAN360 story with leaders at large companies. The feedback was consistent: Large companies don’t have an easy way to connect people to quickly solve problems. The employee support experience is wrought with long wait times and people circumventing the ticketing solutions to get problems solved.

In 2019, the EVAN360 team conducted research at 50+ large companies and discovered that employees spend an average of 3 hours/week waiting for problem resolution that could be solved immediately if they knew who to contact. For a 1,000-person company, that’s more than $6.5M in lost productivity.

Meanwhile, several large companies began to adopt EVAN360 internally to provide immediate support for employees. This prompted the development and release of a secure, private, cloud SaaS platform to serve as a central support hub for large companies.

Organizations—from corporations to colleges and universities—now use EVAN360 as an internal support hub for their people or as an external support hub to address customer inquiries instantly.